Little Enigmal: A 100,000-year-old electrical component in a rock?

Electrical engineer John J. Williams made a strange discovery in 1998; some kind of electrical connector sticking out of the ground. Strangely, he began to dig, discovering that the plug was embedded in a small rock. Since then, this mysterious object has been known as the “Enigmalito”.

The Enigmalito was discovered during an excursion in a semidesert area of North America, far from any type of human trace. Williams declined to give the exact location of the find as he feared the site would be censored.

The Enigmalito Ancient advanced technology?

The main feature is the electronic component embedded in a natural formation of solid granite, composed of quartz and feldspar. Component that includes very small percentages of mica.

Due to the secrecy surrounding the find, its price was valued at $500,000. But the scientific community described the Enigmalito as a hoax elaborated exclusively for the fame and fortune of the owner.

Even so, Williams explained that the stone with the plug is available for any researcher to analyze. Interestingly, all the mainstream experts have refused to analyze it without any apparent explanation.

The discoverer also assured that he consulted an engineer and geologist to examine the rock. He determined that the electronic component embedded in the granite bears no trace of having been glued or soldered in any known way.

The geological analyzes made of the stone date back at least 100,000 years , something technically impossible, according to the conventional understanding of the technological development of humanity.

The Enigmalito, also known as “Petradox”, is compared by some researchers to an XLR connector or similar component. Same as it presents a weak magnetic attraction , since the OHM meter readers show a force close to that of an open circuit.

The 3 pin plug is in a matrix. The piece is 0.3 inches in diameter , and does not appear to be made of organic, ceramic, plastic, rubber, or any other recognizable material.

Why do they refuse to study it?

Williams did prohibit the sample from being broken, so they used Xrays for analysis . This revealed that the matrix component extends into an opaque internal structure within the stone.

While skeptics insist that it is a hoax, the engineer assures the authenticity of the relic and the possibility that it belonged to a lost civilization thousands of years ago. Furthermore, he is willing for scientists to authenticate the find.

Of course, as long as he is present in all the analyses.

Some believe that scientists distance themselves from the sample for fear of what it may reveal, even being able to completely change the historical canon of humanity.

Despite the marked doubts of scientific institutions have shown, so far no person has been able to verify that the Enigmalito is not authentic or that it is a product of current human science.

Analyze and scientifically validate the possibility that a man-made electronic component may have been trapped during the solidification of a rock some 100,000 years ago.

This could result in the exposure of a hoax or completely change the understanding of human history and existing technology on the planet in the remote past.

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