Nikola Tesla Received Message From Another World, Unkown & Remote: New York Journal, 1901

There are many reasons why the name of legendary futurologist and genius inventor Nikola Tesla is associated with the strictest state secrets, incredible intrigues, and almost magical perfection of his mind. It is unlikely that in world history, there is another such widely known scientist whose popularity borders on some kind of mysticism.

Conspiracy theorists attribute to the outstanding European participation in the Philadelphia experiment using teleportation, the invention of the perpetual motion machine, the creation of a deadly beam weapon, provoking a huge explosion in Siberia (mistaken for the so-called Tunguska meteorite) and many other achievements and accomplishments similar to something from science fiction. At the same time, outstanding scientist Tesla took almost all of his inventions to the grave, considering them premature for our society, imperfect from a moral point of view.

Credit: The New York Journal

The American writer and biographer of Nikola Tesla named Tim R. Swartz decided to reveal to the world yet another astonishing mystery concerning the work of the Serbian inventor. In the new edition of the biography of the scientist, Schwartz claimed that Tesla had the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversations of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and was periodically engaged in this.

One day, the inventor created a unique radio antenna designed to monitor thunderstorms, but while testing the device, he unexpectedly discovered that it picks up radio signals from aliens.

Schwartz said that Tesla heard the conversation of aliens. He did not understand the language of the aliens, but he subconsciously felt that it was a greeting.

In those years, scientists only guessed that Mars is most likely not suitable for intelligent life, and therefore Tesla at first thought that these signals might come from the Red Planet.

After that, the inventor became obsessed with the idea of creating such a powerful radio receiver that he could use it to constantly listen to aliens and even, perhaps, talk to them. Tesla presented his huge antennas with meteorological devices, although they served this purpose only at the beginning, and then he made them exclusively in order to listen to what was happening in space.

Did Nikola Tesla contact aliens from Mars?

According to the biographer, he learned this amazing information from the diary of the great inventor, acquired at an auction in 1976. Tesla described in it all his experiences in this area and thoughts about contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. True, government agents soon visited Tim and confiscated the scientist’s diary from the writer. It is known for certain that the United States intelligence services collected all the known materials left by Tesla after his death.

It is noteworthy that Tesla’s research in this area coincided with the beginning of the “alien invasion” of America. Already in the 1890s, the first wave of reports of mysterious “flying saucers” capable of hovering above the ground and moving through the air at high speeds swept across the United States.

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