Possible spacecraft could be “rescued” by world powers

Satellite images of Mars have revealed a strange anomaly more than 182 meters wide on the surface of Mars that could be “recovered.”

Images of the spacecraft on Mars.

Through satellite images, researchers have discovered a mysterious anomaly in the Martian soil. This anomaly exceeds 182 meters in diameter and, it is believed, could be an extraterrestrial spacecraft .

However, the most unusual thing about it is that some theorists claim that the world powers could “get it back.” In this way, it is possible to bring it to Earth and take advantage of its technology.

Spaceship “found” on Mars

It is not the first time that artificial structures have been observed on Martian soil or on the lunar surface. For years there has been speculation about who this technology is , but above all, if the world powers have not taken it over.

Obviously, in order to achieve that, the technology necessary to get a crew to Mars must exist on Earth . That is why it is believed that these advances are not only a fact, but have been used to bring UFOs to the planet and apply reverse engineering.

The object with a peculiar shape similar to a heart appears to be in perfect condition . Only a few scratches and dents are observed on its casing.

This would make the object a “valuable prize” for the power that is made with it. The UFO was unveiled thanks to YouTube user UFOvni2012.

In the video, he assures that the original photograph was taken on October 16, 2000 , thanks to NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor . One of the rovers with the highest quality images. So pareidolia is ruled out.

NASA cover-up?

Steve Wingate, the main popularizer of the UFO on Mars.

Another of the observations given by the user is that the long and overturned runways where the ship landed were left behind. This only indicates that the ship did not crash, but landed softly .

Its location could be Medusae Fossae , one of the largest and strangest geological formations to date.

It is believed to extend more than 965 kilometers across the equator of Mars. Also, constant winds along with periodic storms have eroded the landscape, giving the surface a smooth appearance.

Obviously, it is difficult to understand why the spacecraft ended up on the Martian surface, half buried under a dune of fine sand.

That is why experts have wondered if this spaceship, which appears to be in perfect condition, could be saved. And if so, you could also find out about its technology and who were its crew.

The image was found in the pile of photos that MGS was sending to Earth, which piqued the interest of Steve Wingate , one of NASA’s imaging specialists.

Wingate did his best to publicize the strange image, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t gotten the notoriety it deserves.

In fact, the image has been removed several times from its website and the original is archived on NASA’s servers.

So far, the space agency has not commented on the matter. Theorists keep speculating about the spacecraft and whether one of the world’s powers will go for it.

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