“The beings of Andromeda and their help in the ascension of humanity”

The global manipulation that exists is extremely evident today. However, there is a way to avoid said control and the key would be in the beings of Andromeda.

The Andromeda beings are human beings. The Andromeda beings are “one of the thousands of extraterrestrial races that exist.” They are human and some have bluish skin, measuring more than 2 meters in height.

According to Alex Collier , author of the book “Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium”, all human form originated in the Lyra Constellation . However, a war caused its stars to explode, so humanity spread to dierent places in the galaxy to survive.

The beings of Andromeda and the evolution of earthlings

Coller explains that different skin tones are due to dierent DNAs and exposure to different stars. The Andromeda beings are one of the oldest civilizations living in the Andromeda constellation.

This civilization, no matter where they live in the constellation, has a single government and is spiritually 4,700 more advanced than us. As well as 5,000 years technologically .

However, they maintain a balance of spiritual and technological. In fact, they use technology to evolve spiritually.

This is because there are different dimensional levels. We are, currently, in the Third density. We have not yet reached the Fourth, much less the Fifth.

What differentiates the Third from the Fourth density is consciousness , since what you think can be created almost instantly.

At the Fourth level there is a group mind , since everyone is telepathic and can read the minds of others. This leads each person to be authentic, transparent and have no ulterior motives .

Upon entering this density, the being becomes clairvoyant since in this state of consciousness, energy systems and fields can be seen .

Although there are still dualities and the judgment systems are modified, since judges and juries will be able to judge according to the energy fields . Everything will be judged based on energy and not words, since everything is known.

The beings of Andromeda have not lived in a society as manipulated as ours. They are telepathic and clairvoyant because they have studied all the sciences.

All souls know who they are, they all know about their past lives and every time they incarnate, they are aware and know where they are going. In addition, they can see their evolution life after life.

Manipulation on Earth

If it were not for the manipulation that life on Earth has experienced , we terrestrials would have the same capabilities.

Intense manipulation in terrestrial society dates back 5,700 years. However, this has an origin 14,000 years ago , when the aliens from Orion began to manipulate our DNA structure.

According to Collier, we are behind the Andromedans because of the manipulations in our DNA . But we are all spirits, that is the basis of everything.

Our body contains soul, which is the energy that is part of everything that exists . The soul tries to be recognized within ourselves. What happens is that the existing belief system and the body make such recognition difficult .

Furthermore, religion has manipulated history, hiding information about our origins and who we really are. The interaction between the Andromeda beings and the earthlings began in 1980.

This began thanks to a request from the Pleiadians , who interacted with humanity thousands of years ago. Currently, these two races collaborate with those of Sirius A.

Apparently they have long discussed the situation on Earth with nuclear weapons and wars.

The need to evolve by our means

The Pleiadians agreed to come to Earth and try to help our race raise the consciousness of the planet. The problem is that they saw themselves reflected, because in their past, they had had several wars.

Because humans on Earth have DNA from 22 dierent races , as well as the memories of all of these races, the Grays of Zeta Reticuli 2 are trying to exchange their DNA with ours in order to propagate, as they are in danger of extinction.

According to the Andromeda beings, they will not be able to avoid becoming extinct, and what they are trying to do will not work. Furthermore, this race is a slave to the Reptilians of Alpha Draconis, and they also wish to be free of their manipulation.

Thus, it can be understood that there is a fairly important connection between these 3 races.

This manipulation must be stopped. The belief systems that humanity and all extraterrestrial races live in today must go and let the human on Earth evolve on its own.

And that is precisely what the beings of Andromeda want, however, this will not happen now . At least until certain changes are generated.

Humanity must raise consciousness and the first thing to do is stop fighting among ourselves. Union as a species, not as countries or cultures, must prevail over all things.

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