JJ Benítez: “In 2027 a meteorite will hit the Earth and millions of people will die”

He has just published ‘My cousins’ (Planet, 2021). This is book number 25 by JJ Benítez on the mystery of “unidentified flying objects”.

In ‘My cousins’ there are more than 250 cases, registered all over the world, from the remotest antiquity. For the Navarrese researcher there is no doubt: «It is a real phenomenon; the most important in the history of man.

Not only that. Perhaps he attributes to them those cave paintings that amaze us so much, although what he is convinced is that UFOs have a lot to do with the “afterlife.”

He also believes that they, the cousins, never left, that they have been on Earth since long before the appearance of man, and that they possess magical technology.

Despite what he says and how he says it, JJBenítez believes that the most important thing is what is insinuated. In this interview he reveals himself.

He recognizes that he is going through his particular path through the dark zone after losing his wife, perhaps for this reason, he does not care since people tell him that they do not believe in UFOs. “At first I fought with those who didn’t believe, but it’s not worth it,” he confesses.

It believes that in 2027 a meteorite will cause 1,200 million deaths

In said interview, he confesses that in 2011, JJ Benítez went to a Seville notary to record information he had received: in 2020 there would be a cataclysm on the planet, but it would only be “an appetizer” of what would happen in 2027.

«I hope I am wrong, but if I were not, it is known or believed that a large meteorite will hit the Atlantic and cause 1,200 million deaths in 48 hours. The pandemic thing would be child’s play », he points out.

But it refers to a simulation recreated by NASA and other US agencies raised at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference that had the task of keeping us safe from unwanted collisions, even if they are fictitious.

During five days more than two hundred international experts tried to save us from the catastrophe. They did not succeed, everything must be said.

April 29, 2027 was the expected date for the asteroid to enter the atmosphere at 19 kilometers per second. But although this is fiction, there is a real asteroid that threatens Earth: a huge rock called Bennu.

An impact is not expected in the short term (in any case in 2135), but soon enough for the space agencies of various countries to spend more than a decade looking for a way to avoid it.

But beyond reality and fiction, the truth is that JJBenítez is a brand in itself.

We recall some of the sentences that summarize what the reader can find in his latest novel, where he believes that he makes it clear that UFOs, despite what is said, exist.

“Until the UFOs are placed in the Plaza Mayor, everything will remain the same”

«The UFO phenomenon is there and I think it is the most important event in the history of man»

“The military, who are the ones with the most information, throughout the world, continue with it under lock and key”

«In Fatima there were 70,000 people when a disc covered the sun. But the secret is with the military»

“They have crashed ships, creatures… but they don’t care”

“We suspect that some of these civilizations descended on earth a very long time ago”

“If we knew the whole truth, science fiction movies would be children’s stuff”

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