The extraterrestrial races that “try to conquer” the Earth

It is not possible to determine how many extraterrestrial races exist, but according to the most daring scientists, they say that there may be about 100,000 different races just in our galaxy (Milky Way) similar to us. Next we are going to take a look at the extraterrestrial races best known for the supposed visits and possible contacts with humans on Earth.


As their name indicates, they are anthropomorphic reptiles whose civilization spread from the Alpha Draconis system, which is why they are also known as “Draconians”.

They measure around 4 meters in height and are characterized by being excellent warriors and by having a highly hierarchical and competitive political-military system. They also have great psychic power and would feed on negative energies such as fear and hatred, which is why they are considered “regressive” and were previously considered “demons”.

Their warmongering spirit led them to wage great wars against humans from other stars. They would currently control the world in the shadows by camouflaging themselves among the ruling elite on our planet.

A science fiction series that spoke about this conspiracy theory was the emblematic production of the 80’s called ā€œVā€.


Slender beings, with a large head and slanted black eyes. They come from the Orion constellation and the Zeta Reticuli star system. It is stated that the true grays are very few, the majority being clones.

For this reason they do not have a soul or feelings, behaving as if they were robots. They are the perpetrators of most of the abductions committed here on Earth and, at the same time, they are the protagonists of a large part of the films and series about aliens (such as the popular “X-Files”).

It is said that they serve the Reptilians and that during the 1950s they secretly negotiated with the US government. The exchange would have been technology in exchange for genetic experimentation on humans, a procedure that would allow them to avoid their disintegration as a race.


Said of the inhabitants of the Pleiades of Taurus, a stellar group to which our Sun also belongs. They are highly evolved humans who vibrate in love and harmony (the highest of all energy vibrations).

They are much taller than most of us and are also known for being blond with blue eyes. Because of this, they are also called “Nordics” in reference to the peoples of northern Europe who have similar physical characteristics.

In Antiquity they were considered as “angels”. To protect themselves from the Reptilians, they formed a conglomerate of races with friendly nations called the “Galactic Federation”, an organization that makes the great decisions of the Milky Way.

One of his concerns is to help earthling humans evolve spiritually.

Nibiruans or Anunnaki

It is the name given by the Sumerians to their deities who came from a planet called Nibiru which would approach the Solar System every 3600 years. Literally, its name means “Those who came down from Heaven to Earth”.

According to the Sumerian tablets translated by the archaeologist Secharia Sitchin, they would have mixed their own gene, which was already half human and half reptile, with that of the hominids, thus producing the terrestrial human race, at least 200,000 years ago.

Given the enormous difference in technology and knowledge with respect to the first homo sapiens, the latter considered them “gods”. A critical view of them can be seen in the movie and television series “Stargate.”


They were the first humans in our galaxy. In their constellation of origin, Lyra, they started a powerful civilization based on the determinations made by the feminine side of the brain, which tends to be more understanding and respectful of the environment.

That is why they are considered “progressive.” However, due to the invasion of their space zone by the Reptilians, they found it necessary to fight against them in order to survive.

In their flight they founded colonies in other star systems, being the Pleiadians, some of their descendants. Their origin is not entirely clear, but it is suggested that they come from an ancient civilization called “Paa Tal” that would have created the material universe.

Today the Lyrians would no longer be in the physical world, but would have ascended to higher levels of density.


Although their name is identical to those that consume vegetables, they are so called because they come from the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra. Although they were descended from the early Lyrians, their scientific development rivaled that of their ancestors.

In physical appearance, unlike the rest of the Lyrians, they have darker skin, resembling more aboriginal American peoples. After the war against the Reptilians, many archives of the history of Humanity were lost and they have endeavored to recover them.

They have also reached out to certain people here on Earth to help them evolve spiritually.


According to the late psychic Edgar Cayce, the inhabitants of Arcturus are one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. Their skin is scaly green, they have very large and almond-shaped eyes, and they only have three fingers on their hands.

They have the ability to move objects with their mind and are fully telepathic. Practically since life began on Earth, they have maintained bases on this planet and on the Moon.

His concern is to educate humans and take them to the fourth or fifth dimension, even contacting them through dreams.

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