Alien base? They capture UFOs leaving a lunar crater

In September 2012, one of the most extraordinary evidences of the “presence of active extraterrestrial intelligence” was obtained in a crater on the moon.

That day, by means of a private telescope, an amateur astronomer recorded how various objects were leaving the same Aristarchus crater at high speed and directly into space.

An impressive document that leaves no doubt that “something extraordinary” is really happening on the Moon.

In the same crater, named Aristarco, events have been recorded that confirm that a base possibly exists in this place.

On March 27, 201, a recording made by means of a private telescope was also published, where you can clearly see how two objects leave the crater towards outer space with an unknown direction.

These two UFOs literally emerge from the same point of the crater and move away at great speed.

This may be one of the clearest and most important pieces of evidence that clearly shows that something exists below the surface in this crater and possibly an alien base.

Although there is much more evidence of strange objects captured by amateurs and official NASA material, on July 29, 2017, an amateur astronomer also from the city of Buenos Aires, through his telescope, which was focused on the area of the aristarco crater, recorded At that moment, a large object appeared from the center of the crater.

The mysterious UFO appears to be hovering above the surface of the crater and begins to slowly move away. Could it be a living creature that we are observing? is it organic

In the images that we can see below, we can establish that possibly under the surface, there is some kind of underground base of nonhuman origin. Since, as far as is known, there is no power in the world that has been established on the moon with a base of these characteristics.

Therefore, is it possible that some extraterrestrial civilization has been in this place for a long time and is watching us? Is it possible that base is responsible for the sightings we have today?

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