Did they find an alien ship in the Bermuda Triangle?

The controversial treasure hunter Darrell Miklos, claimed to have found something “amazing in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle: an alien ship.

During a dive in search of sunken ships in the area, aboard a minisubmarine, the explorer discovered a mysterious object. He discovered it as something huge with 15 strange protrusions of about 100 meters . In turn, he added that it does not look like something terrestrial, so he concluded that it was an alien ship.

Alien ship in the Bermuda Triangle

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in relation to a shipwreck material, it was too big.”

This is how the researcher of more than 100 magnetic anomalies in the Caribbean described the unidentified object at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.

Mi klos is based on former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper’s secret maps created in the 1960s.

During his stay in space, Cooper discovered hundreds of anomalies in the waters of the Caribbean and, based on those findings, he created a map that he gave to the researcher. Thanks to this he was able to locate dozens of sunken ships .

His findings have been featured in the 2 seasons of the Discovery Channel’s “Cooper’s Treasure”. However, none of this can compare to the most remarkable finding of all facts.

Returning to his ship, Miklos checked Cooper’s maps, finding that the astronaut had marked an astonishing anomaly on the map with the phrase ” unidentified submerged object ” and not “shipwreck,” as he always did.

Gordon Cooper’s Maps

The researcher believes that the astronaut defined the part of the map that way to explain that it could be something from “another world.” A possible alien ship .

It’s no secret to anyone that Cooper believed in aliens . He always believed that many of these objects landed in the Bermuda Triangle.

The researcher assured that he wanted to find out what the Bermuda Triangle was since he did not believe that it was a natural phenomenon due to its location and Cooper’s statements about some alien spacecraft. After all, the astronaut saw things that others couldn’t.

There is a possibility that the submerged object is not the work of nature, but could it really be of alien origin ? Some experts and ufologists have stated that it could even continue to operate.

Perhaps, thanks to the maps made by former astronaut Gordon Cooper, humanity will soon have compelling proof that we have been visited by a civilization from other worlds.

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