The last man on the moon: “What he saw on his fourth day” (Video)

Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon, claimed he saw “bright flashes rotating” as he and his two companions celebrated their fourth day on the Moon.

The last man to walk on the Moon, Gene Cernan , claimed that he witnessed some mysterious spinning incomprehensible bright flashes. This happened in 1972 , when the astronauts were on their fourth day on the satellite.

The last man on the Moon and his sighting

In recent days, NASA announced its intention to send a new generation of astronauts to the Moon. However, the last man to be on our satellite warned scientists about the mysterious phenomena that he observed during his stay.

Cernan claimed before he passed away in 2017 that a series of strange bright flashes appeared on the Moon. The astronaut team that went to the satellite included Jack Schmitt and Ronald Evans .

Despite having witnessed something inexplicable, NASA will continue to send personnel to the Moon as part of the Artemis mission . This mission will focus on the search for “scientific discoveries” and “economic benefits.”

Fellow astronaut, Schmitt, dismissed concerns that the bright flashes were an engine light . In addition, he said that his “commander does not believe that he can see the engine bell” from the position in which they were.

Audio logs from the flight showed Cernan’s exact words, where the astronaut was heard saying:

“I don’t know. They are similar in intensity and fairly regular, the flashes they emit are bright and dim and widely spaced.”

UFOs and structures

The Last Man on the Moon spoke, in addition to a bright flash, of a rotating object that he could not identify.

NASA reported that an astronaut saw part of an ejected rocket that may have reflected sunlight during flight.

Researchers and theorists are confident that an astronaut who has undergone many years of training would be able to distinguish a rocket from a phenomenon that he could not understand.

It should be noted that the last man to walk on the Moon is not the only one who saw strange objects on the Moon. In fact, this theme dates back centuries.

The first mention of “lunar inhabitants” dates back to 1064 . A little later, the French astronomer Louville and the famous Galileo observed strange flashes on the natural satellite of the Earth.

The astronomers of that time recorded strange events in the craters of the Moon , movements of luminous objects on its surface, and some strange flashes.

NASA has always maintained the narrative that the Moon is uninhabited and that nothing exists on it. However, all the statements of other astronauts, especially the last man to step on it.

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