“Anomalies on Mars” How long will they hide the truth from us?

NASA is currently weathering a storm of harsh criticism motivated by the resounding failures that the latest missions to Mars have suffered.

It seems evident that there are many more secrets in the exploration of Mars than are publicly wanted to admit. Public protests have been directed with particular virulence at the director of the supervisory committee of the space agency.

As a result of this popular pressure, some 28,000 photographs were made public on the Internet. Unfortunately, the intriguers did not count on the fact that somewhere in the world there would be someone who would review each and every one of these images with a magnifying glass until they found something that did not agree with the official version.

The red planet has always exercised a singular fascination in the human being. Astrologers associate it with anger and war, and it has been shown that its transits substantially affect human beings.

Thanks to technological advances, more of this planet has been seen. But the photos obtained by satellites and space probes, far from calming the concerns of unbelievers, have raised an avalanche of questions for which we still have no answer.

The ice that in some part of its surface seems to be the unmistakable sign of life and opens the possibility that intelligent life may have existed before. The incredible geological formations on Mars remain unexplained.

The anomalies found on the surface of Mars by hundreds of researchers carefully analyzing the images that NASA publishes on its website have apparently reached astonishing conclusions.

Affirmations of fans that NASA and especially the Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) where all the photographic material from the various missions to Mars is allegedly being censored, where those obvious tests are refuted with excuses and outlandish analysis.

The MSSS, allegedly and according to Richard Hoagland (and many other high level scientists) affirm that they are digitally distorting and literally erasing all possible anomalies that the Martian surface presents.

Mr. Malin (who gives his name to this private institute) is in charge of all the scientific analysis that the various probes sent to Mars by the US, we have had the opportunity to see how he literally changed tomographic analyzes, cleaning up the anomalies presented in the Martian subsoil, thanks to a sophisticated machine capable of penetrating the soil of Mars with a complex system called Themis.

The digital erasure of what undoubtedly represented a huge city submerged under the Martian sands, was the most scandalous act allegedly carried out under the mandate of Mr. Malin.

Researchers claim to have seen these images before they were truncated and what appears there is simply amazing, like a gigantic with its streets, buildings, squares and skyscrapers, all with a strange appearance but an obvious aspect.

In this interesting video our friend Gessami presents us with some of the anomalies found so far on the surface of Mars. What do you think about it? Leave your comment below!

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