Keanu Reeves: “The earth is a prison without exit from which we can never escape”

This shocking message must be read by all of us, and when you read it you will understand why … Keanu Reeves is well known for his great successes in film and his wisdom, which is often noticed when he speaks.

They make us stop for a second, think and rethink the way we live.

“I really can not and I do not want to be part of a society where the man dresses his wife in a vulgar way, so people can see what he has and the woman is about merchandise.

A society where there are no concepts of honor or dignity, and in which one relies more on those who make promises that never arrive and that they hardly know with certainty.

Where losers believe that they are successful, simply driving their father’s car, and that father does not teach his son to make a living for himself.

Every day I wonder what will happen to this society, where people who claim to believe in God, with a glass of alcohol in their hands, but who do not understand or know what that religion dictates.

A society in which the concept of jealousy is considered shameful and modest is considered a disadvantage. A society in which love is set aside, but everyone wants to have someone by their side who wants it.

A world where people are ruined or mortgaged by a car, and do not spend their money and time on productive things, and end up feeling so poor that only an expensive car can hide that.

Where there is no difference between men and women and where there is an “egalitarian freedom in disguise”, but when there is someone who chooses to be different, they are stigmatized, classically and denigrated, as always.

After all, nothing has changed, but I refuse to live in a society like Escape from the Matrix where we are trapped. ”

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