Scientist claims that “a hostile race” devastated Mars in the past (Video)

According to Dr. John Brandenburg, there was a civilization on Mars as advanced as the ancient Egyptians on Earth.

The conclusion that he has reached after his investigations is that it is very likely that that Martian civilization was premeditatedly annihilated with nuclear bombs.

“And the evidence of this genocide can be seen today.”

Already in 2011 the scientist had postulated that the red color of Mars could be due to a natural thermonuclear explosion:

“The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances, including radioactive uranium, thorium and potassium – and this pattern radiates from a hot spot on Mars,” he said.

“A nuclear explosion could have sent all this debris around the planet.”

Since then, Brandenburg has advanced his theory to the point that he has ruled out that it could be due to a natural explosion.

Instead, he proposes that it was the premeditated act of an intelligent alien race.

The conclusion of his latest essay says that nuclear isotopes in the atmosphere resemble those of a hydrogen bomb, “perhaps launched from space in a nuclear attack on Mars.”

This would be supported by data on the high concentration of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere, and surface uranium and thorium, collected by NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft .

Previously, scientists have pointed out that the presence of these elements is not surprising because they are natural elements that are found everywhere.

However, Dr Brandenburg is reluctant to such arguments and claims that they are the remains of at least two nuclear explosions on the surface.

Dr John Brandenburg

The theory is that Mars once had an Earth-like climate, with plant and animal life, and an intelligent civilization as advanced as the ancient Egyptians on the neighboring planet.

Approximate locations of nuclear explosions that would have wiped out Martian civilization

The latter is based on the analysis of two regions, one is Cydonia Mensae, where a series of pyramidal structures would be found along with the famous and much debunked Face of Mars.

According to Dr Brandenburg this would be a construction made by the ancient Martian civilization. The other region would be Galaxias Chaos.

“The latest images from orbiters and robots on Mars show strong evidence of eroded archaeological objects,” the scientist said in a statement prior to his presentation.

Dr Brandenburg argues that his theory could explain the Fermi Paradox—the contradiction between estimates that there is a high probability of intelligent civilizations in the universe, and the absence of evidence for such civilizations.

In addition, the scientist believes that we must prepare a manned mission to Mars as soon as possible to find out what really happened in the past.

“We are already warned about this possible aspect of the cosmos.”

There is no denying that, aside from orthodox anthropocentric prejudices, Brandenburg’s theory sounds more than interesting.

Ancient Hindu writings tell us about nuclear battles between the “gods” in the remote past, and evidence has even been found on our own planet that suggests the presence of such weapons in the past (example: Mohenjo-Daro ).

Of course, it can also be the “projection of humanity’s fear of its own self-destruction in a nuclear apocalypse.”

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