The “best photo” of a UFO in history was hidden for 32 years

This is the incredible photo of a UFO from the well-known British case of Calvine, where a mysterious diamond-shaped object appears being chased by a plane

The so-called “Calvine Photograph”, which for decades was considered lost, has finally been found after years of research by academic and journalist Dr. David Clarke, and disseminated through the UAP Media UK site .

Showing a huge angular object flying over the Scottish highlands with what appears to be a Harrier jet in the distance, the image is an extraordinary piece of world ufology – and indeed, some have gone so far as to label it “the best UFO photo ever.” »—

It was taken around 9pm on August 4, 1990 by two hikers on a hillside near Calvine, just off the A9, about 35 miles north-west of Perth.

The men, whose identities remain unknown to this day, claim they observed the metallic object hovering with a low hum for around ten minutes, as fighter jets passed in the distance.

As they watched the astonishing scene, the object, estimated to be up to 30 meters long, is said to have shot at high speed into the sky, never to be seen again.

But luckily, they seemed to capture the moment on camera: They took six photos of the diamond-shaped craft with a fighter jet in the background.

The photos were later handed over to the Scottish Daily Record newspaper, who in turn passed them on to the Ministry of Defense (MoD). But for reasons unknown, the story was never published and the photos disappeared into the Whitehall black hole.

And thus began the modern myth of the “Calvine Photograph”, with the images never seen by the public, until now.

32 years in hiding

Dr Clarke, who has worked as a curator for the Ministry of Defense UFO files project at the National Archives and is an Associate Professor at Sheffield Hallam University, managed to track down the photo by searching for former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay.

Mr Lindsay had kept a copy of the original photograph as he was the liaison between the press and the Ministry of Defense when the original story was investigated in 1990.

He had the original envelope sent by the Daily Record, and inside was one of Calvine’s original photographs.

The former RAF man agreed to hand the photo over to Dr Clarke and Vinnie Adams of campaign group UAP Media UK, and it has now been archived in the archives of Sheffield Hallam University.

“It has been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of investigators,” Adams told The Sun Online.

“After 32 years and intense research, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world,” he added. “We urge anyone with information about the identity of the photographer or the case to come forward.”

And the photograph has been rediscovered just as UFOs are once again taking center stage in the world.

Lawmakers, former military and intelligence officials are now speaking more openly on the traditionally fringe issue, including a landmark hearing in the US Congress and another in the Brazilian Senate.

Officials have recognized that there is something in the skies that they cannot explain, and the stigma around UFOs is finally being removed.

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