Was Atlantis an alien spaceship or a lost continent?

The biggest question boggling the minds of all scientists is where is Atlantis. Narratives suggested that the city is believed to have sunk into the sea after an earthquake or tsunami.

Another theory is far beyond what we can imagine, just as there is a series about it, ancient astronaut enthusiasts and theorists claim that it could have been a large spacecraft that came from another planet sailing through space in search of a planet. habitable.

Since until today no trace of it was found, only hypotheses of appearances of symbols and structures in different parts of the world where it could possibly be part of it, but it is still a mystery.

The unknown size of ‘the giant city’

Plato, speaking of the mysterious underwater kingdom, because the ocean was not navigable at that time, there was an island that was larger than Libya and Asia combined, this can prove the theory of a gigantic spaceship.

Since many others proposed the location of the city of Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea, narratives have emerged that scale the city to Crete, the largest island in Greece.

This gives us the possibility that it was a ship and that every x time, it moved to other continents, so several places were named.

According to the story,  Poseidon  walked the world in an effort to find the largest island until he reached Atlantis, the largest of all, and discovered that it was inhabited by people more beautiful and intelligent than the rest of the world.

Although it may sound like mythology, it is possible that we are closer to thinking that it could have been a spaceship than simple stone walls.

The self-sufficient and rich city

The fertile and beautiful city of Atlantis, where half gods and half humans lived, is believed to have been a self-sufficient region where people grew their own food and raised animals.

In this way, the legends and stories show us that those who inhabited this island named after that, were demi-gods, a clear example of those who came from the stars, aliens.

“Rise” of Atlantis

Apart from the legend of the lost city of Atlantis and other fables, the fact of the city remains unknown.

Among historians and other researchers,  Edgar Cayce ‘s findings  had something different to tell. Edgar Cayce believed in rising the lost city once more like ‘the sun rises from the sea’.

The “alien connection” of Atlantis

The stories also state that the original inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin and arrived there some 50,000 years ago from the Lily star system.

Despite being much taller and fairer than the average human being today, it is believed that the average lifespan of these people was 800 years, which made them a really robust and strong prototype of the human race existing at that time. moment.

As some claim that the Lost City of Atlantis was on Mars, or was just a colony of an alien civilization, the inhabitants of the city of Atlantis are believed to have exceptional powers such as the ability to control the weather, modify volcanic eruptions.

Some also tell and mention the possession of some kind of device that allowed them to channel the energy of time and space.

Although the myth says that the inhabitants of Atlantis City were superior beings, there are some opinions that they even came from parallel worlds.

Conclusion on Atlantis

Plato added that the city under the sea should have been somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

However, so far no technology has revealed such a city at the bottom of the ocean. And something so colossal and big should have given signs with the advances that we have today.

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