Pilot recorded a strange UFO that flew over his side (Video)

Much commotion has been caused by a video circulating on social networks in which a strange UFO appears flying over the sky of Colombia

A pilot who flew through the air in Antioquia acknowledged capturing on his cell phone the moment when an unidentified flying object passed near the plane he was piloting.

The object only modified the verse for three seconds in the pilot’s chamber. The aviator captured the moment in which an oval structure passed close to the left turbine of his aircraft.

“We have never been so close to being before an alien ship in full color in a video that is being validated by experts from all over the planet,” detailed ufologist Jaime Maussan on his Twitter account.

The video started a circular and went viral on March 26. However, other versions of social networks indicate that the material was ecorded on May 12, 2022, near Santa Fe de Antioquia, by commercial pilot Jorge Arteaga.

According to the United States Department of Defense, during 2022 they received 510 reports from citizens and pilots who said they had seen an unidentified flying object in the skies.

For the Pentagon, the different intelligence agencies and NASA, it is necessary to establish if these ships come from other planets, or if it is an unknown technology that has been developed by other countries with the aim of carrying out espionage work

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