“UFO Cube” recorded by commercial pilots in Colombia (Video)

February 2020. An Airbus A320 was making a routine flight over Medellin, Colombia. Suddenly, a metallic-looking UFO, a polyhedron of some kind, streaks past in a straight line.

The “cube” has these kind of little dots sticking out of it, it appears to be a darker color and not like a glowing balloon. Whatever it is, it definitely shouldn’t be there.

Scientist Amy Eskridge estimates that it is between 3 and 5 meters in diameter. One theory is that if another civilization were to visit us, it could send out probes before they arrive.

“They may want to collect data, maybe do a little bit of surveillance… a little bit of monitoring before they actually show up?”

Although nothing technically wrong can be found in the video, something doesn’t seem right.

What caught the experts’ attention is when the camera pans to the horizon, the operator instinctively zooms in, almost as if expecting this object to come closer to the plane.

Pilots are the people who work in the sky and operate in it, so they will have the best view of any potential UFOs around them.

Assuming it’s not a hoax, it’s certainly not a known drone or aircraft.

Possibly not even a balloon, because when you look at that speed, your mind tells you that there is no way that structure is “normal.” What do you think?

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