Spectacular UFO recorded in high definition near the Moon

The extraterrestrial life investigator and journalist Jaime Maussan shared that China captured evidence with a professional camera of the passage of an apparently UFO in front of the Moon

On his Twitter account, he shared the video that would presume the presence of a UFO in front of the Moon and what proves the theories about extraterrestrial life.

“Extraordinary evidence captured in China with a professional long-range camera; in which you can see the passage of a ship in front of the Moon, this happened on September 29, 2022”, Mausssan announced.

“The huge disc-shaped ship measures approximately 54 kilometers in diameter”, an unusual figure for this type of sighting.

In the video a flying saucer can be seen and he assures that it is one of the most spectacular images that have been recorded in the investigation of this phenomenon that demonstrates the presence of ships of non-human origin, moving near the lunar surface.

China records this sighting of an unidentified flying object by an unknown witness; who had no intention of recording UFOs.

Well-known astronauts have made statements about “what’s on the moon”

The sixth man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Michell, shared this:

“After traveling in space, I am totally sure that the aliens are watching us. I don’t know how many, where and how they do it, but they look at us; we always see these ships.”

Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin supported this statement with his own experience:

“I saw this light moving relative to the stars. We were smart enough not to say, ‘Houston, there’s a light, there’s a light following us.’ So, technically, it becomes an unidentified flying object.”

Is it possible that NASA has been hiding knowledge of alien bases on the Moon for the last 50 years? Could that be the real reason why the lunar surface has not been stepped on or colonized since the last lunar mission? What do you think?

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