‘Jurassic Age’ Pyramids Found on the Crimean Peninsula?

Control over the Crimean Peninsula has always been a hot topic in politics, whether because of oil, geostrategic position and Russian sovereignty. However, there may be a fifth, more mysterious reason; a series of artificial pyramids dating from the Jurassic era.

A Ukrainian scientist in 2001 found what appears to be  the world’s oldest pyramids . However, the most interesting thing was finding it in the south of Crimea, according to the  ICTV channel .

jurassic pyramid

The find was accidental. A group of geologists used  alternative methods  to find water in the area, when Vitaly Goh discovered the  underground construction . It was a pyramid  45 meters high and 72 meters long.

Goh claimed that the pyramid  was artificial  and that it was built in the  time of the dinosaurs.

The Crimean Pyramid has a truncated top, similar to the  Mayan pyramids , but its appearance more closely resembles the Egyptian ones. Due to its age,  it is unknown who built it .

Goh stated that it is, without a doubt, the oldest building on the planet. However,  a further 37 megalithic formations  were located , 28 of them with a  huge rhomboid base  . In addition, most of them are wholly or partially in the vicinity of Sevastopol, west of Simeiz.

Another 56 meter pyramid  is located in the small town of Krasniy Mak and another 7 near Yalta, Konerchino city in Bakhchisaray Raion.

For many centuries, the pyramids  were not discovered  by archaeologists, geologists, or local residents. The researchers, led by Goh, consider that the huge constructions are “invisible” for a simple reason; they are buried

The discovery of the first pyramid happened when, a few years ago, experts established the presence of hot springs. Also, while looking for advantageous land to drill a well near Sevastopol.

an accidental find

The absence of clean water is a historical problem in Crimea, which is why this group had been created to investigate underground sources.

Using high-frequency radiation, the receiver  picked up a  hollow object 9.5 meters deep . Similar to a pyramid.

The hollow parts on the inside and outside of the pyramid were covered with fat, and its structure had common bird eggs, such as albumen and yolk.

The wall was broken to enter the mysterious structure. Upon reaching the depth of 38 meters, the experts planned to go deeper, but strange things began to happen.

The first thing was a landslide that  forced them to stop the excavation . The researchers assured that the Jurassic pyramids were made with a technique similar to those of  Egypt , so it is a mystery since who built it in such a long time.

So, it could be said that the war tactics of the countries are, in reality, to seize one of the  most enigmatic historical riches in  history. Interestingly, one of the first operations in the taking of Baghdad was the looting of the wonderful archaeological museum.

Are they trying to hide something that could change history? Who could build pyramids artificially in the Jurassic era?

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