Former Area 51 engineer: “I flew on an alien ship” (Video)

Aside from Bob Lazar, there is another interesting person named Bill Uhouse who claimed to have worked at Area 51. And his testimony is even more impressive.

Capt. Uhouse served 10 years in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot and four years with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a civilian conducting flight tests of exotic experimental aircraft (F-89, B-47, F- 102, etc).

Later, for the next 30 years, he worked for defense contractors as an engineer.

He passed away in August 2009, but his testimony about something unbelievable was recorded in an interview a few years earlier for one of ufologist  Steven Greer ‘s documentaries .

Uhouse said that in 1958 he was invited by a man – whose identity was not revealed – to work on a new secret technology.

It was apparently a flying disc simulator that he claims was actually based on a redesigned 100-foot-long UFO that crashed in Kingman, Arizona, in 1953, and was safeguarded at Area 51, which it was still under construction.

alien cooperation

The crew members and survivors of this incident would have been four extraterrestrial beings -injured to a lesser or greater degree-, who after being “rescued” were transported to Los Alamos to share and help with reverse engineering on the recovered remains.

Capt’s specialty Uhouse was the flight deck and the instruments on the flight deck — he understood the gravitational field and what was needed to train people to experience antigravity.

In fact, he met several times with an alien they called J-rod (or Jarod) who helped physicists and engineers understand the said ship.

“There was only one of them (alien) who talked to the scientists in the lab and the rest didn’t talk to anyone,” he said, clarifying that the communication seemed to take place through telepathy.

“They actually talk, but not like we do.”

Inside ET Technology

The design of the discoid ship was so sophisticatedly simple that nothing external, such as machine guns or bombs, could be attached to it as in traditional aircraft.

Also, a good amount of time was required for a person to train and adapt to be able to operate it.

Regarding the propulsion of the ship, Uhouse pointed out that this object generated its own gravitational field so that inside it “there was no up or down.”

He also stressed that what he had worked on was different from what  Bob Lazar  called a reactor.

Although he explained that there was a space inside that could count as such and that they had operated the simulator with six large capacitors charged with a million volts each.

The full interview can be seen below:

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