Remains of an unknown civilization found in Ecuador (Video)

A recent find made by a team of archaeologists has revealed the remains of an unknown ancient civilization in Ecuador

The team of Russian, Ecuadorian and Japanese experts located the deposit in Real Alto, in Santa Elena, Ecuador. Fragments of ceramic vessels and other 6,500-year – old artifacts that belong to an unknown civilization.

Unknown civilization in Ecuador

The article was published in the scientific journal Antiquity, and mentions that the archaeologists found the pieces at a depth of 75 centimeters and one meter .

Radiocarbon mass spectrometer analysis revealed that the pottery dates from 4640 to 4460 BC. C. , time that coincides with the first stage of the Valdivia culture. This is one of the oldest cultures in America and they worked with ceramics. His creations, currently, are symbolic for Ecuador.

However, the new discoveries are the result of a very different technique . This led to the discovery of a decorative composition totally different from the Valdivian style.

The ceramic fragments from San Pedro are very similar to other pieces found in the past. These were discovered at Real Alto and other excavations dating back to the 1980s . However, none of the finds could be attributed to any known culture.

As a result of this, specialists believe that it is an unknown civilization from Valdivia, which was born and developed on the Pacific coast of Ecuador.

In the next excavations , they will try to find more objects of this new culture, which could be to show with more precision what its development was.

Much older evidence?

Likewise, archaeologists also believe that even older pieces of pottery can be found .

This would reveal whether pottery was invented in South America during the same time it happened in other parts of the planet or whether it was brought to the continent.

This find was made thanks to the archaeological efforts of the Far Eastern Federal University of Vladivostok in Russia, the SB RAS Institute of Archeology and Ethnography in Russia, the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Literal in Ecuador and Tohoku University in Japan.

These same specialists had already participated in the discovery of human remains from 6,000 to 10,000 years old that was made in the canton, Atahualpa.

This finding once again fuels the theory that an unknown civilization, or that various other cultures that do not appear in historical records, existed in different parts of the world. Perhaps, some are much more advanced than we think…

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