“Millions of aliens cohabit with humanity on Earth” (Video)

The diversity of species that exist on Earth, including humans, is an invitation for other alien races to enter the planet… as has been the case for thousands of years.

The Earth is a vast world full of favorable resources for life and also with an ideal climate. So why have other extraterrestrial races not come to live with the rest of the species on the planet?

Perhaps they have been doing it for a long time and, in our ignorance, we have not noticed…

Aliens in human form?

The human being has great faculties, but these are limited. The senses of life and hearing allow us to recreate only a part of the reality of the universe where we live, compared to other species.

Thanks to these limitations we cannot appreciate the camouflage used by some animal species. If we can’t tell them apart… What prevents species with much more advanced camouflage from living on Earth?

It is possible that different extraterrestrial races are already inhabiting the planet and walk alongside us on a daily basis.

It is believed that most of the races that inhabit the Earth are related to the human being , or that they maintain a close contact with us.

In fact, the physicist James Kune assures that there may be a society of aliens that exceeds a million inhabitants in a single country .

Kune claims that he identified more than 1,000 different cases of alien presence during his career in the US government.

“Up to 5 million aliens live in the United States, after taking human form.

Perhaps the very purpose of these aliens who live here is simply to observe the human beings who live around them, and in an extended way, towards the population in which they are based.

There is a 50% chance of marrying an alien. Many were identified when they attempted to impersonate humans and their behavior was found to be anomalous to the human profile.”

Why do they come to Earth?

The reasons for the alien races to come to Earth are various, perhaps because they want to live on another planet, either because theirs is in decline or because they have conquest as their goal .

The physicist believes that most of these beings are peaceful, but others have undesirable behaviors. But some of these entities are capable of rapport and understanding with humans.

“The longer these aliens remain on Earth, the more eager they become for our company.”

After much research since the last century, the human capacity to achieve an awakening of consciousness became undeniable . Whether through emotions, meaning or freedom of expression, the community and, of course, analysis.

At present, the human population has 2 types of people. One of them is those manipulated by the elite to create divisions and people who understood not to blindly trust what the media says.

That is why a series of unthinkable events that have resulted in the total acceptance of the UFO phenomenon have been carried out very quickly.

As a result of this, many experts see the existence of hybrid races as a fact, born from the conviction with humanity.

Perhaps, this is the way our species has advanced and continues to expand our consciousness. In this way, the only thing left for us is to accept that the extraterrestrial races have been here for a long time.

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