Mysterious stone structures were discovered throughout the Sahara

A team of archaeologists who carried out work on a project in the Sahara, published the discovery of mysterious stone structures, scattered throughout the desert.

Of different sizes and shapes , these mysterious structures could have an antiquity of thousands of years. Experts have declared that this is a unique discovery.

Mysterious structures in the Sahara

Experts studying the mysterious structures have not yet been able to discover the exact dating of their construction. Much less why they were built.

The main people in charge of this research are Joanne Clarke, from the University of East Anglia, England and the Independent researcher Nick Brooks , among other archaeologists.

The experts have also been working on a book where all the work done is described in detail . In addition to all the studies done on the unknown and mysterious structures.

The scientists stated to the media the following:

“The archaeological map of Western Sahara remains literally and figuratively almost blank as far as the international archaeological research community is concerned, particularly far from the Atlantic coast”

Specialists spent almost a decade studying and investigating the mysterious structures. From 2002 to 2009 .

During said working, they classified hundreds; These ranged from rectangular platforms, giant circles, crescents, or straight lines .

Seen with the naked eye, the structures appear to be a combination of forms that goes from the smallest. These are the stone lines, platforms, and circles. Forming a total of 600 meters long in total.

Some of these mysterious structures are believed to mark the location of tombs . However, the rest, until further research is conducted, remain a mystery to archeology.

Lost knowledge?

Unfortunately, the investigations have had to be stopped for the safety of the archaeologists, so it has not been possible to deepen the studies. This is because the area is taken over by terrorist groups.

For example, Al Qaeda operates in the region, and it is widely known that this and other groups often kidnap foreigners .

Experts assure that, as soon as they can, they will continue to excavate the surface in search of other hidden mysteries under the Sahara.

It should be noted that this discovery denotes how much historical information is hidden from the world. Perhaps, lost in time under the sand.

There are many enigmas and curiosities that surround these mysterious structures, to the point of seeing many theories born around them. The most popular is the possible existence of an extinct civilization, which had very advanced knowledge that lived in the remote past.

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