“Extraterrestrial contact is imminent”, according to several scientists (Video)

The University of Melbourne researcher, Cathal D. O’Connell, assured that the discovery of life and its subsequent extraterrestrial contact are inevitable and imminent.

O’Connell mentioned that the discoveries of the last few decades have made extraterrestrial existence a very realistic possibility. In addition, he is convinced that the contact is a fact.

Extraterrestrial contact… will it be imminent?

Extraterrestrial life, that sci-fi family stumble, that kitsch fantasy, that CGI nightmare, has become a matter of serious discussion, a risk factor, a real scenario.

Because, following a series of important discoveries in the last two decades, the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life is not as far-fetched as it used to seem. Discovery now seems inevitable and possibly imminent.”

In his writing, the researcher revealed that astronomers have cataloged thousands of planets that orbit around various stars. Interestingly, many have their position in the habitable zone where temperatures are ideal for water to exist .

He even believes that there could be a planet similar to Earth orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System.

O’Connell reveals that life is capable of surviving in environments inhospitable to humans . For this reason, he believes that life can be found in a lake of sulfuric acid, inside barrels of nuclear waste, in water superheated to 122 degrees Celsius and even in Antarctica.

Furthermore, he adds that Mars was once an ideal place for life. He believes that the presence of methane in its atmosphere is proof that extraterrestrial life existed there.

Obviously, this brings us closer to the theory that Mars, not only had life, but was able to adapt to survive in the climate caused by some nuclear disaster.

Life on Mars?

“Today, Mars still has liquid water underground. A gas strongly associated with life on Earth, methane, has already been found in the Martian atmosphere, and at levels that mysteriously rise and fall with the seasons. Martian bugs could show up as soon as possible.”

These words are the closest to a situation in which you do not want to mention. Also, what is wanted to be kept hidden: there could be life on Mars as on Earth.

That a recognized scientist ensures that we are at the gates of extraterrestrial contact is something incredible. In addition, he affirms it with a surprising bluntness.

That is why many experts, for years, believe that the scientific community no longer has a way to hide it. Life outside of Earth exists and we are about to contact it.

Of course, skeptics also suggest that O’Connell’s statements are nothing more than speculation . The problem is that he is not the only scientist to claim this.

Avi Loeb , director of the Harvard Astronomy department, in addition to being one of the people in charge of the Breakthrough Listen project , has also given statements that extraterrestrial spacecraft are moving among us. Including one close to Jupiter.

So, is there a silent war to discredit these scientists? Or on the contrary, has the scientific community already accepted the fact that it is impossible to hide it? Alien contact is imminent.

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