They capture a “classic UFO” flying over a hill in Balcarce, Argentina

The UFO was spotted during a photo shoot for a brief moment, before disappearing back into the clouds.

San José de Balcarce is a city in the mountains, specialized in agriculture, livestock and forestry. It is highly recognized for its original desserts and for having the racetrack that bears the name of the champion Manuel Fangio , a native of the area. However, it is also now known to be a hot zone for UFO encounters .

The last case occurred on Sunday, December 19, when a woman was doing a photo shoot in the area and caught a strange object in the sky .

The Balcarce UFO

«I live in a field in Coronel Vidal. I was going to Balcarce, which is 60 kilometers away, but 10 kilometers before I stopped on a dirt road because I was looking for a location to do a photo shoot for my brand of sweaters».

Luciana Vismara declared , a photographer who makes a living in the local environment, Minute Balcarce.

«I began to tour the area and stayed two or three hours taking photos and filming. And when I went to photograph Cerro Paulino, I saw that something black was moving, in the distance, above the hill, which had a red light in the center».

According to the words of the witness, the object disappeared in a matter of a few seconds into the clouds. However, it was recorded in one of the photographs he took during the session.

The photographer went on to say that she was really surprised to have witnessed such a close encounter . Although it was an extremely brief moment, he stared at the sky to see if he could see it again, although the UFO did not appear again.

The event generated so much interest in Vismara that she began to investigate in different media to see if another person had experienced something similar to her. Although he did not find anything precise, something caught his attention.

Other events in Balcarce

In 2013, an article talked about a similar sighting , which assured that it was not the first time that a situation like that had been experienced in the city of Buenos Aires.

In early 2018, another sighting happened on Route 55 . After 8:30 PM, while a person was returning by car from La Plata in the direction of Balcarce.

Two mysterious unidentified flying objects , one extremely large and luminous, were moving mid-height to the west of the observer. The driver told the media the following:

“I saw the largest one as far as Balcarce, it appeared and disappeared forming a small cloud,” the driver said at the time.

On January 13, 2015, something similar also happened with a UFO, when Carla Regis, an Aeronautical Mechanical Technician, was vacationing with her family.

The woman managed to photograph another discoidal device in the same area. Demonstrating that Balcarce is a recurring area of ​​UFO sightings.

During the last few years, different areas of South America have become prone to UFO sightings and strange occurrences. Is something happening in the region?

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