Possible extraterrestrial base on Guadalupe Island, in Mexico

Guadalupe Island : considered a “hot spot” for UFO and OSNI activity, with indications of a possible underwater extraterrestrial base.

The military and civilians have observed a large number of unidentified flying objects and submarines around Guadalupe Island . This region of the Pacific Ocean is considered a “hot spot” for alien activity . The objects always end up disappearing from the radars when they arrive in Guadalupe. Will there be an alien base under this island?

Guadalupe Island is located 241 km off the coast of the Baja California peninsula , Mexico. It has a military weather station and the United States Navy conducts training exercises near its region .

UFO and OSNI phenomena on Guadalupe Island

Another enigmatic island is Catalina Island , located 480 km north of Guadeloupe. It is another highlight of UFO and OSNI (Unidentified Underwater Object) activity. Around this island, there are unusually large craters and some strange gravitational and magnetic anomalies .

The local Mexican fishing community and pilots near Guadalupe Island have reported incidents with unexplained aerial phenomena ( UAP ) . The United States Navy has noted that in this area of ​​the Pacific Ocean, between Catalina Island and Guadalupe Island to the south, many flying and underwater objects are observed, and that they always disappear from the radars as they approach Guadalupe Island.

According to the commercial aircraft pilot, Adrián Ojeda, who always flies close to the island, the Baja California peninsula is known in Mexico as a great “hot spot” for UFOs , and that fishermen always observe luminous aircraft over the ocean . and with unusual movements.

The OSNI and the USS Nimitz: Case documented by the US Navy

On November 14, 2004 , a fleet of unidentified ships was spotted during a series of naval training by the US Navy , by the aircraft carrier group USS Nimitz and the missile cruiser USS Princeton.

For a week, the USS Princeton’s radar had already been picking up mysterious flying objects , counting 100 of them. The Navy had called them “anomalous aerial vehicles . ” Among the most impressive is the height at which they traveled. The aerial vehicles appeared at an altitude greater than 24,000 meters , much higher than any commercial or military aircraft. Then they descended at shocking speed.

Two fighter planes were dispatched to intercept one of these alien objects . When they arrived at the scene they found none, but, according to one of the pilots, David Fravor, they managed to observe “disturbances” in the ocean water and a kind of ship under the surface . This is an OSNI phenomenon.

Then an aircraft, described in the shape of a “tick-tock,” was spotted flying 15 meters above the water. It did not appear to have means of propulsion such as wings or rotors. His movements were agile and erratic , not at all like normal aeronautics.

A witness pilot said he had a “(…) high G-force, fast speed, fast acceleration . So I asked myself: How can I deal with this? ” . The “ticking” ship then sped off into the distance, disappearing as it approached Guadalupe Island.

Underwater alien base?

There has been no exploration or mention of extraterrestrial bases, but the intense UFO and OSNI activity between the Catalina and Guadeloupe Islands suggests underwater bases of an alien character. Among the reports, it is prominent that the strange ships disappear from the radars as they approach Guadalupe Island. This indicates that under the waters of the sea, near the island, this type of extraterrestrial base would be found.

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