Jeff Bezos: “We will live in space and the Earth will be a natural reserve”

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has assured that humans will be born in space colonies and the Earth will become a vacation resort

As if it were a fictional movie, Bezos has stated that our civilization will move to space, where we will be able to work and educate our children thanks to his company Blue Origin.

During the interview, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin suggested that space colonies are the only alternative for the future of humanity.

Bezos believes that the only way to preserve the Earth as we know it is to pack up and go live in space. “We have to restore our nature and the only way is to live somewhere else,” he says.

Bezos proposes floating habitats that mimic Earth’s climate and gravitational pull. They are like floating, spinning cylinders that could hold up to a million people and have “rivers, forests, and wildlife,” just like Earth. A scene similar to the future posed by the fictional film Elysium.

“Earth will be a vacation spot”

In this sense, the CEO of Amazon has assured when humans live permanently in space, the Earth will become a vacation resort, which can be visited “in the same way that Yellowstone National Park is visited today” , exemplified.

“For centuries, many people will be born in space. It will be your first home. They will be born and live in these colonies, and then they will visit Earth,” Bezos said.

Space roads will be built for the next generations

Researchers from twenty-five countries have gathered in the Makhtesh Ramon crater in the Negev desert to carry out a simulation of a trip to Mars.

Called ‘analog’ expeditions, these types of experiments want to simulate life in space down to the last detail, so that the team is put to the test to live in the extreme conditions of the red planet.

Bezos does not believe in the possibility of inhabiting another planet

Precisely the following prediction has to do with the future of humanity in space. Bezos believes that eventually humans will be born in space and live on floating colonies, where we will be able to work and educate our children thanks to Blue Origin.

“The company’s goal is to create space highways for the next generations to build life in space.” “You have to leave Earth to protect Earth,” said Bezos, who does not believe in the possibility of inhabiting another planet.

A very different opinion from that of Elon Musk . The CEO of SpaceX has repeatedly reiterated that his company’s goal is to colonize Mars.

Aliens exist, but have never visited Earth?

In the conversation, Bezos also assured that he believes in the existence of intelligent life outside our planet.

“How can there not be aliens in the more than 200 billion stars in our galaxy?” However, he does not believe that aliens have visited Earth because “they have no interest in leaving their solar system.”

Space and extraterrestrial life have been two topics that have always fascinated the founder of Amazon. In fact, a few months ago he traveled to space in a spaceship that was built by Blue Origin, his rocket company.

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