Humans on Mars? Former NASA worker says she “saw them”

Mars is one of the most important enigmas for humanity. However, our closest neighbor may have been colonized by humans in the past.

“Jackie” claims he saw humans walking on Mars.

Although the scientific community maintains that humanity  does not have the technology  to reach Mars, there are several indications that indicate  the opposite .

Now, a former NASA worker   stated that she was sure she had seen humans in spacesuits walking normally on the  Martian surface.

Has humanity already arrived on Mars and we did not know it?

Calling himself by the pseudonym “Jackie,” he said he worked for the space agency  in the late 1970s . It was there that she, along with some of her companions, observed a large number of  silhouettes of people  on the surface of Mars.

The team was conducting monitoring work on the  VIking mission  when they came across the impressive images.

The former worker made the remarks alongside John Lear,  a former CIA pilot , known for being a fervent hunter of  UFOs  and conspiracy theories.

All this ran on the famous Coast to Coast AM radio program, characterized by bringing many experts  on the extraterrestrial subject . The woman also clarified that NASA is to blame for keeping this type of information  hidden.

Future missions to Mars were nothing more than a  front  for what has been going on for decades. But how is it possible that we have reached the red planet?

It is believed that NASA has in its possession  alien technology  that allows them to carry out, for many years, this type of secret missions. During this interview, the former worker said:

John Lear argues that humans can adapt to the Martian atmosphere.

“That old Viking rover was moving… then I saw what appeared to be two people in some kind of space suits… they weren’t the heavy suits you normally wear, but they looked like some kind of protectors. They were coming over the horizon walking towards the Viking rover.

“When we realized the strange anomaly, my colleagues and I ran upstairs, but they locked the door and stuck a notice on the door saying that we could not pass so that we could not observe anything.”

NASA «deceives us»

In the same way, John Lear assured that NASA was on Mars during the  1960s . In addition, he is convinced that spacesuits are not necessary, since humans are capable of  adapting to breathe  in the low-oxygen atmosphere of our planetary neighbor.

There are also certain researchers who have declared that the most important powers on the planet have made different  trips into space .

These nations have  entire space fleets , and have created a kind of holographic shield around the Moon to prevent anyone from seeing what is hidden in space …

If this information is, we would be talking about the biggest hoax in human history. What have they been doing on Mars all these years? What exists on the red planet?

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