Found a “crashed alien ship” in South Africa with Google Maps?

A UFO investigator has found an alleged crashed alien craft hidden in the bushes, and claims, “that the pilot could be living among humans.”

The localized event occurred on the 25th day of January, stating that he is hiding in South Africa. The recordings were made by fellow Snakedos, who was able to clearly locate the object or alleged UFO on Google Maps.

But according to the theory of this ufologist, it does not stop at “an alien visitor that crashed”, since he believes that “the pilot of the ship now lives among humans and is supposedly manipulating our technological advances”.

The object looks like a classic disk, with a “pointy hump” in the center.

One photo even shows a large circle around it, similar to a crop circle, but then it disappears in the photos months later.

The importance of this discovery is that it is located only 13 or 14 kilometers from the Lanseria International airport, and about 518 kilometers from the coast of Eswatini, where the Maputo Special Reserve is located.

But something so obvious a few kilometers away tells us that this happened recently, in the year 2021 specifically.

We may also be looking at something familiar, like a wildlife shelter with a metal roof. What do you think about it?

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