Giants in China: Evidence They Walked Among Humans?

The evidence of giants has always been discredited by mainstream archeology. However, the latest findings show that they are a reality that they cannot hide.

The skeletons show a disproportionate size.

A group of researchers found possible remains of a Neolithic giant civilization in China, which developed around the Yellow River basin.

The group of Chinese archaeologists carried out excavation work in the eastern province of Shandong. There they discovered some disproportionately large human remains.

A civilization of giants in China?

They are believed to belong to a civilization that lived in the vicinity around 5,000 years in the past, according to information from the TASS agency.

According to the researchers, the approximate height of these people, according to the remains, should far exceed the average height of the inhabitants of the area. These must have been around one meter ninety high.

They may have belonged to the Longshan Neolithic civilization, which developed in the vicinity of the Huang He River. Popularly known as the Yellow River.

Fang Hui is the press officer of the Center for Cultural and History Studies at Shandong University. He declared that they have concluded, after analyzing the remains found, that this civilization could be considered as true giants.

It is possible that this is evidence that they walked among us.

Much more developed

He also stated that in addition to the extremely large remains, abundant food sources were also found. Many older than the rest of the inhabitants of nearby areas.

This finding was possible thanks to excavations carried out in the Jinan city area, which began in mid-2016.

To date, experts have discovered around 100 buildings, 200 different tombs, and at least 20 sacrificial pits.

It has also been determined that the ancestors of the current Chinese who lived in eastern parts of the current territory of the country about 5000 years ago were much more developed .

Signs of remarkably advanced agriculture were found, as well as other types of activities such as the cultivation of cereals and even organized livestock.

It is not the first time that evidence has been found of ancient civilizations much more developed than the rest and with physical features that significantly differentiate them. For the most part, its large size being remarkable compared to the rest.

Are we witnessing a pattern? Because of the more developed tribes they were much taller? We could be talking about the direct descendants of the giants.

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