Anti-gravity drive? Scientists discuss UFO technology

Scientists from NASA, DARP, MIT and the Air Force have been holding videoconferences for a year now to discuss something that was normally a topic only for theorists: antigravity propulsion.

Antigravity Propulsion technology is one of the best known theories.

The inaugural Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference was created to give scientists a tool to discuss unusual ideas.

These ideas, normally, are separated from conventional science , since they touch on topics that are more related to theories, such as antigravity propulsion.

The antigravity drive debate

According to The Debrief , since November 2020, 22 meetings of this type have been held. The scientists discussed topics ranging from non-Newtonian Em propulsion , to sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena.

These meetings have become the ideal space for people like Ron Kita, founder of the Chiralex company, which works on ” gravitational shielding ” materials, to explain the progress of their research.

In short, what is being debated at these events is far beyond the scientific establishment.

Tim Ventura, moderator and organizer of the conference, explained:

“The Alt Propulsion community is highly intersectional, and we are sandwiched between aerospace, defense, electrical engineering, physics, UFO and frontier science cultures. We have people from all of these cultures visiting the conference and giving presentations; and despite the fact that these diverse communities do not always agree on some issues, we have been able to avoid conflicts.

Although the topic sounds strange, 16 of the 71 attendees were current or NASA engineering scientists, and about 14 were affiliated with institutions at the MIT and Harvard level .

UFOs are slowly becoming a serious subject for scientific research.

UFOs as a serious topic

One of the issues to consider was UFOs and antigravity propulsion, which caused a stir at the meetings.

In recent years, this topic has seen a “resurgence” within the scientific community, especially this year. Now we see military pilots talking openly about the encounters they have had with unidentified flying beings.

Furthermore, the highly detailed Pentagon report , which was released last June, has sparked new debates .

Ventura exclaimed to The Debrief, that in the past, everyone had knowledge of UFOs, but this was not a scientifically relevant topic as no one understood it very well.

However, now this topic is being explored through science, giving it the serious nuance that it always should have.

However, despite the efforts that are being made, the issue of antigravity propulsion and how to use it as a propulsion method remains a total mystery. At least for humanity.

Although it is necessary to emphasize that certain researchers are finding the time to keep this issue on the table, everything seems to indicate that there is still a long time to be known if we can correctly apply antigravity propulsion.

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