Do aliens control hidden bases and cities on the Moon? (Video)

For decades, a topic has begun to climb very strongly within the scientific community; the aliens. In this sense… Is it possible that the testimonies of astronauts and former NASA officials about bases and cities on the Moon are true?

The belief in advanced and intelligent life outside our borders has become a matter of serious debate. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people begin to believe that expert testimony about extraterrestrial bases and cities on the Moon is true.

Are there extraterrestrial bases and cities on the Moon?

Educational systems follow an orthodox line of teaching. They force future generations not to have their own criteria and focus on teaching only what the elites want.

Therefore, the sense of belief is related to something superior, which is manifested on the evidence that we have been shown all our lives. That is why it is difficult for us to believe alternative theories , such as that of the ancient astronauts.

In the same way, it makes us very uncomfortable to hear testimonies from space experts talking about anomalies on the Moon.

An example of this is the Professor of Space Technology at the University of Würzburg, Germany, Hakan Kayal . This specialist led the project to build a new lunar telescope specifically designed to study transient lunar phenomena.

This complex device was completed and put into operation in April 2019.

But there is no clarification for the shorter flashes. Science cannot explain how these phenomena happen on the Moon, although meteorite impact is the “most common” explanation.

Evidence detected

However, a deep investigation reveals something unusual; UniversalTrek discovered through Google Earth that strange lights on the Moon turn on and off at specific times of the day.

The user timed the lights in 2019, showing a pattern of them turning on multiple times , at specific times on weekdays.

“Anyone who wants to build a lunar base at some point needs to be familiar with the local conditions.”

This said Kayal, the space agencies also know. So… Is it possible that a lunar base was built?

John Lear also stated that the Moon has large underground cities and bases . Added to that, it also has an alien population similar to ours. The Grays are also found on the Moon, but they mostly stay underground, in large underground laboratories.

Therefore, theorists suggest that the Moon is really an artificial construction and does not “belong” to the Earth naturally. Simply put, it is a sophisticated alien craft created millennia ago and brought to the Solar System.

In the images it can be seen how there are different alien structures on the hidden side of the Moon, specifically in the Giordano Bruno Crater .

Other images released by NASA show evidence of strange structures when fully analyzed.

That would explain the number of anomalies that amateur astronomers have captured, but that official agencies refuse to show. It would also validate the testimonies given by the experts, in addition, it will be the reason why we did not set foot on the Moon again…

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