Astronaut “screams in fear” when 2 UFOs appeared near the ISS?

Strange things have always happened near the International Space Station. Even the astronauts who have lived in it have given somewhat peculiar statements. If we add to that the number of sightings of objects that have been made, the thing becomes even more disturbing. Now an astronaut screams in fear when she sees 2 UFOs approaching near the ISS.

During a broadcast made from space , it has been shown that there are things around the International Space Station that have been kept hidden from the world. And the worst thing is that certain astronauts have had to live them.

This event occurred in 2014 and the video was published shortly after. However, it was never really given the attention it deserved …until now, where the images are so blatant they’re impossible to hide.

Astronaut scared by the presence of 2 UFOs

It all happened while the Soyuz TMA-14 spacecraft was planning to drop its Russian robot, Skybot F-850 aboard the International Space Station.

To do this, it needed to dock , and as it did so, the Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti , saw what appeared to be 2 huge , glowing spheres zooming toward each other.

The orbs could not be captured during the live broadcast. But what was recorded was Samantha’s screams. You can even hear her colleague, the Russian Anton Shkaplerov, trying to calm her down as she falls to the ground.

The video quickly went viral and in no time, it was all over social media.

In fact, former US Department of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope stated that this was not only an unprecedented occurrence, but also one of the greatest proofs of extraterrestrial life , not only in space, but in our Solar System and very close to us.

controversial interview

During an interview days later, astronaut Cristoforetti stated that while looking back, while floating in her cabin, she noticed 2 huge spheres that appeared out of nowhere near the International Space Station.

His shock was such that the cry could be heard from the International Space Station, as seen in the video. Although later he would take it with “humor”.

It is obvious, just by looking at the images, that the face and concern on the astronaut were legitimate and that there was not a hint of humor at the time. That is why it is normal to ask, what did she really see?

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