The day an “alien message” interrupted the BBC signal

This peculiar event took place at the BBC in London and is still an unsolved mystery today. That day, the voice of Vrillon, a supposed representative of the «Ashtar Galactic Command», was broadcast live

It happened on November 26, 1977. That afternoon, while the BBC presenter was on the air, the transmitter that broadcast to the south of the United Kingdom saw its signal intercepted for six minutes.

At that time, in addition to the lines that could be seen on the screen, a voice was heard from “afterlife” whose owner claimed to be Vrillion, an alien from a supposed group of aliens who -according to lovers of the occult- had already tried to contact humanity before.

After introducing himself -education above all- the alien affirmed that they were only looking for wisdom.

“We come to warn you of the fate that awaits your race and your world. We want them to be able to communicate to their fellow human beings the path they must take to avoid the disaster that threatens their world and the beings of the worlds around them».

“That is, so that they can participate in the great awakening at the moment when the Earth passes into the New age of Aquarius.”

“A time of great peace and evolution for your race, but that will only come if your rulers are aware of the forces of evil that can take over their judgments.”

In turn, Vrillion pointed out that the human race should definitively abandon conflicts and take advantage of their lives to live in peace and harmony.

“You are free to accept or reject these teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher level of spiritual evolution,” added the being.

Next, he explained that humanity had to flee from the false prophets, a series of characters who only sought to suck the energy out of them.

“They must learn to be sensitive to the inner voice that tells them what is true and what is not,” he stressed.

The case made headlines in the local press and created a legend that endures to this day. However, there are not a few who think that the message was a simple joke, a trick, or a total lie.

However, the truth is that today there are clips on the Internet in which this alleged recording is collected. Judge for yourself.

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