US submarines detect “very high speed ships” underwater

US Navy submarines have detected mysterious objects moving hundreds of knots underwater as the Pentagon prepares to release its report on UFO sightings.

The Navy has collected sonar data showing mysterious fast-moving underwater objects that experts or current technology cannot explain.

Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner said the US Navy “has the data” to prove the strange encounters.

Some of these encounters could be included in the US government working group that is preparing to report back to Congress on its UFO findings next month.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson of Fox News about the new footage, Rogan said: “One area that we will learn more about in relation to this video is the interaction between Navy submarines that pick up sonar contact from things moving hundreds knots under water ”.

“There is an underwater dimension to this, in addition to what the pilots are seeing above the water.”

Mr. Carlson replied, “Hundreds of knots under water? I don’t think people can even digest that. “

Mr. Rogan added: “That is what I have heard from very good sources and that the United States Navy has the data.”

Last month, Corbell shared a video of another mysterious triangular craft flying near another US Navy ship.

He said, “Whether this being is worldly or otherworldly, we don’t know. It is just part of a much larger series of events that we are going to learn from. “

Last week, video showed a dark spherical object moving across the sky near a Navy ship , before suddenly veering into the water and disappearing.

Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, said that some of the UAPs that have been seen defy physics as we know it.

“They have no signs of propulsion, no wings, and yet they can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That is precisely what we are seeing ”.

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