“Aliens prevented the Navy from establishing military bases on the Moon”

In the 1970s, the United States Navy, along with NASA, had a mission to place 10,000 people on the Moon as part of a secret program. However, an unexpected encounter with aliens from Apollo 11 jettisoned all plans …

William Tompkins claimed that Apollo 11 ran into aliens.

William Tompkins, a prominent space designer who worked alongside large NASA contractors during the Apollo mission, stated that Apollo 11 was greeted by a fleet of alien spacecraft.

This can be verified with the shuttle recordings, where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are seen warning of the presence of these colossal vehicles.

Apollo 11 and the encounter with aliens

Tompkins’ account of what happened on the Moon is found in his autobiography, “Selected By Extraterrestrials.”

At the time of the moon landing, Tompkins was working for the TRW aerospace corporation, charged with building NASA’s Paioneer 1 satellite.

He also built a range of important components for the Apollo spacecraft, which is why his personnel worked in the mission operations center.

Tompkins worked from 1967 to 1971 for TRW, and his job was to design the Launch Operations Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The designer’s career was already successful prior to his arrival at TRW; He spent 12 years working at the Douglas Aviation Company , where he spent the last 2 years working on innovative designs for the Apollo missions, thanks to Kurt H. Debus.

In 1962, Debus was promoted to First Director of NASA’s Launch Operations Center, a position he held until his retirement.

A year later, he appointed Tompklins to a Task Force for the future of the Launch Operations Center. The two met secretly on several occasions to decide the future of the Apollo program.

Especially, they argued about the true objective of the mission; the Naval Space Program ” NOVA “, focused on establishing secret bases on the Moon, Mars and nearby star systems.

The stages of the NOVA program

The Apollo mission landings were just the first stage of a 4-stage project.

The second stage of NOVA was to take 10,000 people to the Moon . The third was to create bases on Mars and other nearby planetary bodies.

Finally, the fourth stage consisted of bringing Navy crews and establishing them in 12 contiguous Star Systems .

Moon bases as part of the NOVA program.

“As Head of the Engineering Section, I conceived dozens of missions and spacecraft designed for exploratory operations to planets orbiting our closest stars.

Designed a station to build on Mars, massive NOVA vehicles, and equatorial launch facilities.

I also designed multiple military bases for 2,000 men for our Moon …

Designed the launch check and test systems for the Apollo Moon Saturn V, SIV-1B and reassembly with the Moon command control vehicle, an almost complete redesign of the main facility facilities for the entire Launch Control Center . »

In 1969, the space designer was at the Launch Operations Center at Cape Canaveral. The Apollo Lander camera broadcast live images of Armstrong and Aldrin and what they were witnessing .

It was there, where they were observed how they were received by a fleet of alien spacecraft , which were around the shuttle .

The end of the secret program

This event ended Project NOVA, also ending Tompkins’ participation in the Apollo program.

“The aliens put up their ‘Stop’ sign but they allowed us to make several other additional Apollo landings to pick up some rocks and play in the sand.

The action of the aliens stopped our plans to build our manned Naval Base on the Moon. “

Other NASA members, such as Otto Bender , stated that HAM radio operators intercepted VHF signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to NASA headquarters in Houston. In them, they could be heard as they warned about the presence of huge spaceships.

Relatives and close associates of the astronauts also confirmed this story in 2012 to Steven Greer .

The writer said he interviewed each of those involved, and all gave similar statements about what the astronauts told.

It is possible that the aliens did not want the Navy to establish military bases on the Moon. With this refusal, the NOVA program would have radically come to an end in 1969. Next, the very interesting documentary by JJ Benítez, “Mirlo Rojo”:

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  1. LMFAO! What “shuttle”? There was no such thing as a shuttle in 1969.

    I watched the entire moon mission on LIVE TV, and there was no such video of UFOs on the Moon. Watch the whole, unedited moonwalk on Youtube.

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