They publish “official file” with detailed information on extraterrestrials

Various governments on the planet grapple with the idea that the world’s population has the right to know whether or not aliens exist. This is how an FBI document appeared that could confirm its existence.

The FBI released a document addressed to “certain distinguished scientists, prominent military and aviation officials, and various public officials.” In it, he mentioned alien bodies, spaceships and other planets. Could this be the final confirmation?

Mysterious FBI document

The pro-disclosure movements have never been as powerful as they are today. Several officers, officials and astronauts from around the world have spoken openly on the subject.

Jon Podesta , who was former President Barack Obama’s right-hand man and chief of staff in the Clinton administration, posted on Twitter that one of his biggest regrets was his failure in 2014 to “secure the release of UFO files . ”

Many governments have already published documents related to the subject. This proves that they have been interested in the phenomenon for decades.

However, it’s not just the government releasing classified information. They are joined by government agencies such as the FBI or the CIA , who have also made public some secret files on extraterrestrial life.

One of the last documents released by the FBI was sent to the office of the agency’s director in Washington at the time, detailing sighted UFOs and aliens . It was dated July 8, 1947 , just one day after the Roswell incident, describing the following:

document transcript

Part of the disks carry equipment and others are under remote control. His mission was peaceful, the visitors contemplating settling on “this plane.” The visitors are similar to humans, but larger. They are not terrestrial, they come from their own world. They do not come from any planet like Earth, but from an etheric one that interpenetrates ours. It is not perceptible to us. The bodies of the visitors and their ships materialized automatically upon entering the vibratory rhythm of our dense matter. The discs have a type of energy or lightning that easily disintegrates any attacker. They are able to enter the etheric plane at will and only disappear from human sight. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lakas or Talas. Students of esoteric subjects will understand the terms. Note: Lakas and Talas are Sanskrit words, which in Hinduism mean world, abode, place, or plane of existence. Possibly they cannot be reached by radio, but they can be reached by radar, so a signal system can be designed to detect them.

An alien visit?

He also mentions that there is nothing more for officials to do and that “newcomers be treated kindly . ”

There’s a part that can’t be read correctly , but it seems to refer to the drives being unable to handle by our science and culture , but it’s not clear if he means “attacking” them in that scenario.

He ends by saying that a great responsibility will fall on the few officials who are capable of understanding the matter.

This is just one of many files that have been made public by both the FBI and other agencies in recent years.

The mystery about these types of documents remains a mystery. While several startling details about aliens and their visitation have been mentioned, there are still many unanswered questions.

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