“An alien civilization took over Earth on July 29, 1203 BC”

The UFO and alien phenomenon is not just a recent or a few decades old factor; These events have been going on for thousands of years, and Egypt is one of the places that saw these strange events happen.

The first account of this event, written by a temple scribe and minister, describes awe, fear, and bewilderment. The second account describes a meeting between the scribes and priests of the temples of Horus and Osiris, who discussed the incident.

The meeting of the priests caused concern about the socio-religious impact of the appearance of two celestial lights that were observed by many inhabitants of Egypt (the territory over which the flight of these UFOs was observed was approximately 700 km).

The assessment of what happened was made through the existing religious beliefs in Egypt. The physical characteristics and harmful effects of this anomaly were evaluated.

These reports have been documented in writing on stone slabs in great detail. The kidnapping and mutilation of people is mentioned many times. There are 48 records of the incident on the list.

Two limestone slabs are known to Egyptologists as Ostraca

These two ancient texts (reports) were discovered by archaeologists around 1890-1920, during the Ramesside excavation in the ruins of the city of Oyast (Thebes).


They were written in hieratic script (hieratic script is one of the forms of Egyptian writing that is used to write Egyptian texts).

The official archeology ignored the facts recorded in the records, because they did not like their content, which could generate unnecessary controversies for science in society.

It is because of their content that they are not known to the general public, and among official archaeologists it is mentioned that it does not deserve attention, since they describe the well-known rituals of the priests of that time.

The director of The Black Vault website, John Greenewald, published a full official account by Egyptologist scientist Edward McBride detailing this find and the information contained in these ancient texts.

This article will provide a translation of your scientific work and website input on this matter. The publication details:

“This report, controversial as it may be, is dedicated to all Egyptologists past and present, who dedicate countless hours, years and even entire lives to ensure that ancient Egypt never really died and continues to inspire future generations of explorers of many ways. The unique culture and daily lives of these early inhabitants along the Nile are coming closer thanks to the dedication of the likes of Yaroslav Cherny, Alan H. Gardiner, Adolph Erman, EA Wallis Budge and many others, whose ability to unravel the complexities historical and linguistic of Egypt, helps to know its history. A special thanks to the Griffith Institute and the Ashmolean Museum for the use of the plates indicated with the reports of the priests (Hieratic Ostraca Volume I)


I have been studying hieratic writing for many years and I find these two examples of ancient writing unique because they describe a very unusual event.

I have used all means to correctly determine the time period of this event: 1203 BC

This period is established based on the information available about the scribes: one of them is associated with the reign of Seti II, the other with Ramses III shortly after.

These two records of the anomalous event are ignored by Egyptologists, as they were listed as “Magical” in the Hieratic Ostraca Volume I Index, where they are considered a description of the sky based on the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

In fact, they tell us what happened then and we “see” it through the eyes of various people who did not have enough technological knowledge to describe what they saw and write how they could interpret it later:

“The physical manifestation of the Demon God in the sky, in the form of a human, animal or anthropomorphic creature.”

This was the only possible explanation for what happened by people with knowledge of that time.

Both slabs with the indicated accounts of the ancient priests were discovered during excavations at Thebes (Oyast) in the period 1890-1920.

A host of interesting artifacts were discovered during the Ramessid-era excavations in Oyasta, a city that served not only as a residence for the rulers of Egypt, but also as an administrative center with courts, as well as a temple to the dominant religion of Egypt. Egypt. Amun-Ra (Amon-Re).

In the not too distant past (1800-1900, early 20th century), English, French and German archaeologists competed, driven no less by nationalistic zeal to become the main source of Egyptology for their countries.

However, there was often collaboration between these heterogeneous groups of researchers and a great deal of information sharing.

The Egyptian government in the aforementioned years, although it was aware of everything that was happening (in fact, there was uncontrolled looting and export of archaeological finds abroad), considered the hieratic artifacts as little valuable, considering that the Museum of El Cairo has many examples of hieratic writing.

Many artifacts were irretrievably lost after being exported to countries with humid climates (limestone slabs destroyed), as they were shipped to countries like England.

What had been stored under the sand for thousands of years was destroyed and destroyed in months – the slabs crumbled and became moldy due to improper storage.

Therefore, to counter the accelerating ravages of time, two eminent Egyptologists, Alan Gardiner and Yaroslav Cherny, decided in the 1950s to publish a book showing these ancient Egyptian handicrafts.

“Hieratic Ostraca Vol. I” appeared in 1957, printed in the UK by Charles Baty for the Griffith Institute at University Press.

This is a large book (15 ″ x 20 ″), representing three hundred and thirty seven parts of the ostration – professional and qualitatively made copies (prints) of the original plates.

Engineer Meyer made copies. Without this complex and painstaking work that requires total dedication, most of the content of the ancient texts would be lost forever.

Currently, “Ostraca I” is considered lost. He died in the Leipzig Museum during the bombing of the Second World War.

“Ostraca II” is preserved today in Oxford, England, in the Ashmolean Museum.

Hieratic Ostraca Vol. I does not offer translations, it is a blank copy that entitles future generations to translate these inscriptions themselves.

All the cities and provinces mentioned in this report have their original names.

Currently, Arabic names are used (European historians and linguists from the 18th century to the present have modified the original Egyptian names and actually represent only the late Ptolemaic (Greek) period).

Cities and disasters caused by this event are mentioned in the report, but not all cities are listed for brevity and to avoid confusion.

Main cities in the report:

Oyast : Center of the “two lands”. The area of ​​the huge temple of Amun Ra, the ruling god Kam-T. Oyast was also a city of ships and archives.

Anna : an important settlement in the north, it was located north of present-day Cairo. Previously, Anna was the capital of Kam-Ti and the home of the sun god Ra. When the government changed, the new capital moved to Oyast.

Tartes : a northern city, in the delta (from 31/31 degrees to 30/32 degrees), later called by the Greeks Tanis, is located near the Sma Behut region. Sma Beshut is swampy.

There is also the Sma-Behut area near the town of Leb (Edfu), although it appears that the southern part of Sma-Behut is not swampy, like the delta, and may have been near Hennu, a red granite quarry and limestone.

The mention of floods and deaths in Tart will determine the time of the flood: July 29.

It is logical to assume that floods are more likely in an area near Aat Ab or the city of Zeb than on a road north near Tettu; in any case, the anomaly moved everywhere.


Omon-Ra, the temples of Ra, the sun god Annu (originally of Syrian origin), who is part of Omon, the dominant god of Uasta, who became Amon-Ra, thus linking the two religions.

With large temple complexes, Omon-Ra ruled Anna and the northern cities, as well as in Uasta and the south. The influence spread to neighboring countries: Nubia, Kush, and Syria.

Amon-Ra has practically overshadowed other religions; Every day their temples received a lot of cattle, wine, cereals, beer, food and poultry as tributes and offerings.

Minor religions continued to exist, one of the oldest Kam-T religions, possibly based on real people in prehistoric times, Osiris (Asar), Isis (Ost), and Horus (Heru) are listed in this report, and are needed to illustrate the scribe’s point of view.

In summary, this belief indicates:

Osiris and Isis, husband and wife, ruled. Osiris had a brother, Set or Seth, who hated Osiris, tricked him, killed him, and eventually dismembered him, scattering body parts all over Kam-T.

Legend has it that many cities were recipients of these parts. Isis, a good wife, wandered the country and collected all the parts and in some unknown way conceived a son, Horus, from the remains of her dead husband (apparently she was able to obtain his DNA).

Horus in his youth tried to avenge his father’s death by searching for his uncle Seth.

Bast : Bast, the lion-headed goddess, was formerly worshiped as the goddess of cats. Later periods in which the lion goddess is identified with the moon.

The name means Bair Bast, the soul of Isis, that is, personification of the soul of Isis. In the city of Ta-n-tarrt, she was the mother of the god Ari-Khes, who lived in the temple of the Beast in this city.

Ari-Khes : lion god, son of Bast. Present in the cities of At-Ab, Ta-n tarrt, Zebut, settlement: Ber in the north. The name means “to scare with sight.” The Ari-Khes evil eye was well known.

The Ari-Khes statue at Ta-na-Tarrt may have been illuminated from within, allowing the eyes to shine and frighten those who saw it in the dark.

Event inscribed on the slab, Ostraca I

In the south of the country of Kam-T, the city of West, rumors had been circulating for two days. Cracked-lipped whispers, alarm in the scorching wind.

Finally, on the Evening of the September star’s rise, which marks the time of the sinking in Shemut. Kaya’s scribe, a disciple of the House of Life, the Temple of Horus, the Son of Isis, saw it. Around the same time, the temple servant Set saw it as well.

Two bright, piercing lights hung motionless in the clear night sky. Kayi climbed onto the roof to get a better look at them. He carried a papyrus with him and began to draw and write what he saw and there was another scribe with him.

In the stories of the people who saw him before him, he was called S-hakk, the new ruler of heaven, the name can be translated as “Destroyer”.

Like two burning eyes, the light was unlike any other. It hovered motionless and menacingly low just above the horizon. His presence was felt, this fiery gaze, like a lion in ambush.

For half an hour, the unknown creature hovered in the sky, then slowly began to move into the distance. The next morning, Kayi brought the recorded information to the temple.

The priests hastily called everyone to the rear of the temple. Incense, symbolic arrows, and weapons were placed on the linen-covered offering table.

By midmorning, the people of the city began to arrive, other witnesses to that event in the sky with offerings in the hopes of pacifying the demon S-Hakka.

Description of the event in the Ostraca II slab

Thirty years later, sixty miles south of Oyast, in Hespt of Thes Hertu and east of a city called Thee, was the Temple of Horus at Behutet, a place known as Netchem ‘Tchem Ankh (Pleasant Life).

In a hidden chamber known as Mesnet just outside the shrine, a stone carver and aspiring scribe named Behent found something new to copy.

At the bottom of a large container was a piece of limestone with a letter on it. Dusting it off, he slowly began to copy the message onto another stone in intricate hieratic script, all that had been so carefully written thirty years earlier.

A demon in the sky over the holy cities of Anu and Oyast and two objects 700 km away.

These objects (UFOs and objects are modern terms that I used in translation to understand what is happening) were perfect, what did they mean, is this evil? And why was this piece of limestone so well hidden?

Who recorded these events

  1. Write «Kaii»: author of «Ostraca I» around 1203 BC
  2. Write “S-nefer”: court clerk / scribe. They have almost the same writing styles. It worked during the reign of Seti II, around 1203 a. C.
  3. Write “Compiler”: Author and assimilator of the mentioned event from many sources. The compilation was probably started and performed immediately after the event, for weeks while the memories of the incident were fresh.

The original recording, in fact, the base of “Ostraca II” is now lost, but it was carefully copied by the scribe “Behent” thirty years after the event (Ostraca II).

The Ostraca II copy was an updated and more complex project, originally based on Ostraca I, although much more extensive.

  1. Write “Bekhent”: stone word carver and beginner scribe. This scribe copied the work from the Scribe Compiler.

Although the Scribe “Behent” had several spelling problems and typographical errors in his writing, the message is not touched in any way, it is very clear.

Scribe Behent is not responsible for the content of “Ostraca II” messages; was just copied. It was copied some thirty years later.

Translation of the report

Greetings, S-hakk (S -hakķ means: Destroy; pierce; a creature that has the personification of torment; the embodiment of evil) that comes out of September (September or Sirius ascent in the skies around July 29).

At first, we greet you in awe like a god. You are big and have huge eyes in front. At night your eyes shine brightly. Your body is oval. With your mouth sticking out your tongue, you swallow your servants who appeared from the west. You get angry and release rays of light and shine.


Eyewitnesses see a large UFO with bright lights in the sky. The object is shaped like a disk. Very bright lights in the front.

Several other smaller UFOs appear from the west, which fly towards the parent UFO and are pushed inward attracting rays of light.

After that, the “mother” UFO begins to release thin rays of light and increases the brightness of the lights. In the main temple, the high priests were gathered, who performed rituals and brought offerings to S-hak “The Destroyer.”

This meeting was attended by the scribe Kaya, who recorded everything that happened. Witnesses who saw the “Demon” in the sky were invited, among whom were ordinary citizens as well as priests and people of high rank.

The witnesses presented their observations

According to the testimony of all who saw him, the “exterminator” had two or more points of illumination. All said they saw “a face with burning eyes.”

There were two “legs” in the tail section. Smaller objects flew toward the main object from the west, which it “swallowed.” The nurse UFO is oval (disc-shaped).

The UFO moved across the sky from east to west. Others reported that the smaller boats were “capturing people and animals.”

Eyewitnesses reported that before the capture, the victims had some kind of impact, the people grabbed their ears and fell, after which they were taken away.

The animals also fell. For humans and animals, “demons” “cut out the tongue” (organ harvesting). The victims did not resist (they fell into shock).

UFOs appeared in different places night and day or throughout the day. It first appeared at night, but was observed at different times of the day.

The ships of the “Destroyer” continued to soar through the sky, carrying people and animals, which the priests considered a slap to the high god Amon-Ra. They began to perform ceremonies of worship to the “Destroyer” with supplication and humility “If you decide to stay, we will get used to living with you.”

The main ship of the “Destroyer” constantly changed shape, color, appearance, brightness of lights, sometimes “blurred”, masked its appearance, became invisible. “She changed her skin,” says the report.

Furthermore, the UFO demonstrated all this openly and even deliberately, “before the supreme rulers of power.” When he accelerated rapidly from one place, he “cut everything around him and caused destruction, going up into the sky.”

The UFO inflicted physical destruction and injury to people and buildings. Not astral, but physical destruction. All who saw him associated his appearance with a “face” with “burning eyes” located in front.

The appearance of the UFO caused astonishment among the people. In addition to burning eyes (reflectors or motors), and hind legs (legs?), The «Demon» also had a «tongue» with the help of which it grabbed people, cattle or objects from the ground, being in the sky in that moment.

This “tongue” is described as “it can be visible or semi-visible”, apparently it is a beam of light that attracts objects (tractor beam).

Interestingly, the priests organized ceremonies to offer food to the “Demon” and the “Demon” carried them away with the help of this attractive ray.

It so happened that “Demon” and “Destroyer” were given a name that, if translated into a figurative language that we understand, would sound like “Hellraiser.”

UFOs appeared in different places, unexpectedly – “When you appear to people in the west, east, north and south (of the sky), gods …”.

The UFO appeared at random, in different places and towards the cardinal points. Also in the text an interesting characteristic is mentioned, “to extract souls”, reason why it is associated with demons.

HellRaiser constantly moved, the area of ​​its movements reached an area of ​​700 km.

The priests and rulers feared that the actions of the “Destroyer” would cause religious unrest, as the Egyptian gods did not help the Egyptians to get rid of this creature.

In addition to the destruction of buildings during a sudden start, the abduction of people and animals, the removal of organs and souls, the mothership caused flooding on the ground, which was catastrophic.

Thus, the object is reported to have caused flooding in the area of ​​the city of Tarr located in the north near Tettu and the swampy area of ​​Sma Behut.

All these characteristics show that hostile extraterrestrial beings invaded ancient Egypt, that they did not perceive people at all as some kind of intelligent creatures and treated them accordingly.

  1. They maneuvered without worrying about causing destruction in the cities on which they were carried out.
  2. They did not care at all how to reduce people’s fear of their appearance and actions.
  3. They kidnapped people and did it using restraint systems, possibly with some type of directed weapon that paralyzed the victim.
  4. They killed and gutted people and cattle, making no difference between man and cattle. They took samples, they removed the organs.
  5. They deliberately and by their actions caused severe flooding in various areas, as a result of which settlements were damaged and people died.

The author of this study writes:

Given the above, no comet is out of the question. I think it is wrong to ignore the information written by the Kam-T scribes to defend the existing scientific and historical paradigms ”.

Currently, there are many attempts to present all these “anomalies” in ancient texts as fantasies of ancient people on the subject of “Demons”, “Myths” and “Magic” (this is the classification of these texts from ancient Egypt).

Unfortunately, this attitude is deeply ingrained in the scientific community and is difficult to change.

Refusal to study, from the search for truth, the desire to selectively present information (contained in ancient texts) and passages taken out of context (from ancient texts), a selective ordering of historical data in which the true hidden meaning of the writed.

The destruction and concealment of historical data, considered “extravagant” or “unscientific” condemns the researcher to defend fictitious pseudoscientific dogmas.

Such actions by the scientific community are nothing more than closing the doors of knowledge in favor of a comfortable coexistence in the house of mirrors, in which the modern “fictitious reality” is reflected only in itself.

Paradoxically, the priests of Kam-T were more open to solving the mystery of the S-hakk than our scientific institutions today.

The ancient priests, even though the appearance of the “Demon” endangered the very existence of established beliefs, acknowledged its existence and provided us with a full account of those events.

How will scientists show, say, three hundred years in the future, our modern society, using the same criteria for determining what is scientific and what is unscientific that are used today? The same prejudices, lies and the creation of the “necessary picture of history”?

What is the end result?

For me, this information was comparable to the feeling of touching the most intimate secrets of our history. Think, just for a minute, how many such ancient texts are hidden from us?

How much of your actual content is hidden from us? How many such ancient testimonies have already been intentionally lost or destroyed? And for what?

For the sake of maintaining an “artificially created image of the world”? Really worth it? Or is it much more serious than it seems?

I am madly upset that the full content of these two texts written by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago has not reached us and I cannot figure out how this story ended.

When it was decided to copy and store these two limestone slabs, they were already badly damaged.

Of course, it is likely that somewhere in the secret warehouses ancient texts are kept in which the continuation of this story can be read with the arrival of evil invaders, destroyers and enslavers of the human race to our planet.

Another important point in this story, to which I want to draw your attention, these texts were found by the temple scribe in a secret underground chamber, 30 years after the events that took place.

The scribe copied the texts from limestone slabs, thanks to which, although truncated, they have come down to us.

Only 30 years after the invasion of the “Destroyer” and the Egyptians no longer remember it? Who destroyed all mention of what happened?

Judging from the fact that the slabs with the description of the invasion were kept in a secret place, it can be assumed that the information about the invasion was destroyed on purpose.

This may mean that the rulers of Egypt came to terms with the “Demon” and their power over the human race went from an open display of their power to a hidden power with the full support and help of the rulers of ancient Egypt.

Considering the strength and power of the “Annihilator”, he established such power throughout the Earth, subjugating all peoples.

These specific texts do not contain the ending of this story, but… based on the information contained in them, conclusions can be drawn about the ending.

If we take as a basis the description of the characteristics of the spaceships that invaded our planet in 1203 BC and compare them with the characteristics of the UFOs that are observed in the sky of our planet throughout the history of mankind, including our modern era, we can clearly see that these objects are identical.

When in 1203 BC the aliens invaded the planet Earth, then the Egyptian civilization, which at that time was highly developed, could not oppose this invasion.

I think that was when a treaty was concluded between alien invaders and earthly rulers. And this agreement is valid until today …

Alien vehicles plow through our sky in large numbers, and not only the sky, but also the Earth’s orbit belongs to them, and most likely the Moon and everything on Earth in general belongs to them.

UFOs, which are recorded by eyewitnesses in our time, can also shape-shift, abduct people and livestock using “energy beams,” turn off electronic devices, and abduct people just as they do livestock.

Everything they began to do then in 1203 BC. C., continue to do so now. And those who govern human civilization, countries and peoples cannot help knowing this.

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