The entrance to the interior of the Earth described by Verne could be in Antarctica

To say that the largest volcanic concentration in the world is found under the Antarctic ice may seem like something out of science fiction and typical of a Verne book, but the truth is that this is already evidence.

Once again it is evident that he was a visionary

Scientists have discovered 91 volcanoes, with evidence of activity. It would be something similar to the volcanic ridge of West Africa, with a peak that stands out especially and that would be the equivalent of the Eiger volcano in Switzerland, 3,970 meters above sea level.

Geologists, together with a multidisciplinary group of experts, have discovered basalt substrates that confirm that these theories are true.

It was already known of the existence of some of these volcanoes, because the peaks crossed the ice, but 50 of them have been discovered under a thick layer of cold Antarctic ice.

Evidence of volcanic heat under the ice

But what has most surprised scientists is that under the Pine Island glacier , heat has been found that most likely comes from the magma of the active volcanic zone.

This opens the door to endless theories and probabilities that seem to be taking shape.

The temperature that has been measured under the blue ice has reached 25 degrees, finding warm liquid water, and with evidence of creatures not seen by man until now. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

We just have to develop the theory well from the premises we know. If there is volcanic activity under the ice, there is heat.

We also know that there is a large freshwater lake under the Antarctic soil, and we know that sunlight is capable of penetrating the layers where the ice is thinner.

Which leads us to seriously think about the existence of an unknown world encapsulated in ice, which has evolved at a different rate than the rest of the Earth has done.

The similarity of Verne’s novel to the latest discoveries

If we recall the novel written by Verne, their similarity gives certain chills, as many of his writings already did. In his novel, a fantastic and unknown world was opened before our eyes, to show that on earth there are unusual habitats that we do not know yet.

The discovery of new creatures that we did not know opens the door to all kinds of hypotheses, and makes us believe that there really does exist a world that we do not know under the ice.

Vegetable and animal remains have been found that have nothing to do with the surface … And surely one of these volcanoes is the entrance to that world that the fantastic author told us in his book.

All this is so fantastic and gives rise to so many interpretations, that the scientific team that found the first evidence of this volcanic activity, took their measurements as erroneous, returning later to verify that they were not in error, and that, indeed, under That ice that we considered so static hides a new world to discover.

The peaks of the volcanoes discovered are located in the Western Rift System of Antarctica, along 3,500 km of the Ross Ice Shelf.

These new discovered volcanoes are being investigated and their measurement is constant, to observe how climate change can influence their behavior if the Antarctic ice continues to melt at the rate it is doing.

Clear signs of living things in Antarctic caves

A team, led by Dr. Ceridwen Fraser, from the Australian Fenner School of Environment and Society, studied a complex cave system around Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island, finding evidence of life inside.

Of a particular life and different from the one we know in the rest of the earth. DNA remains of some species that are totally unknown to us, both plant and animal, were evidenced and this was only scratching on the surface.

What is known for sure, plus what scientists believe they can find from the premises that have been discovered, opens up a world of theories and possibilities.

Obviously, the investigations in this regard are working at full speed, believing that, certainly, there may be the entrance to a fantastic and unknown world, which we have only come to imagine through the pen of Jules Verne.

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