Anonymous NASA source claims they are “looking for aliens among us”

For the first time in history, NASA claimed that there are UFOs, “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs, as it is now customary to call the mysterious ships that race in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The historic twist, the giant leap, as it is called, which commemorates man’s first step on the moon, came against the backdrop of heightened interest in UFOs, and after recent public hearings in the US Congress. US on these same UAP.

Now NASA has decided to officially incorporate some of whose specialists dealt with the problem, they say, on a voluntary basis and on their own initiative. This anonymous source within the agency claims that NASA is serious about searching for extraterrestrial life here on Earth.

Although NASA tries not to mention aliens publicly, an anonymous source comes out stating that not only NASA and US Intelligence have been investigating this phenomenon for decades.

..”But they are also convinced that they walk among us”

And although throughout history we have always had the idea that they are among us… we, those of us who speak of Ufology, perhaps we were not misguided.

These agencies are tracking the possibility that they are not hidden, but that they are mixing with humanity, this gives us the possibility of knowing that the leaks are necessary to advance in the world of Ufology.

That is, the specialists of the American space agency do not reject the idea of ​​an extraterrestrial intervention.

NASA chief Bill Nelson, after talking to pilots who were chasing objects and getting them in the crosshairs, somehow mentioned, “Who am I to say that planet Earth is the only habitat for a life form? as civilized and organized as ours?”

Another US government source says NASA will most likely start collecting testimonies from astronauts, and first from those who have seen UFOs in space.

It is already known that both the Pentagon and NASA admitted that astronauts have seen UFOs several times and recorded what they saw. Specialists from both departments requested archival images taken by cameras equipped on shuttles and other spacecraft.

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