Researchers warn: “Ships of extraordinary dimensions will appear”

It is undeniable that lovers of ufology and conspiracy theories are living their particular golden age.

While the United States speculates about whether the spy balloons were aliens, this Wednesday a mysterious metallic sphere appeared on a beach in Japan and a video of a man who claims he comes from the future and who says that in March we will experience an invasion has gone viral. alien.

The ufologist community is having an intense debate these days about UFO sightings but with a particular characteristic: they would not be the classic small flying saucers, but we are talking about large ships, what we know as supply ships.

The graphic example they give would be the ships that come to mind when we think of The War of the Worlds or Independence Day .

“All over the world a phenomenon of the appearance of ships of extraordinary dimensions is being detected,” explained the Spanish researcher Josep Guijarro.

Above all, he affirmed, as a result of the “hysteria” of the unidentified spy balloons. This has happened in Latin America and in Romania, “visible from the ground, which army pilots take off but then disappear.”

Large ships appear that can be seen from the ground but not from the air Josep Guijarro

And all of this is linked to an exciting story: the one told a few weeks ago by a commercial pilot with more than 40 years of experience, Juan Reyes, who claims to have encountered a colossal-sized aircraft. The experts give this testimony, they say, all the credibility.

A Spanish pilot saw a ship about 40 kilometers in diameter Josep Guijarro The pilot, with 40 years of experience in commercial flights, encountered a ship “about 40 kilometers in diameter.”

It is an exceptional case, he said, because the phenomenon could be seen by the pilots, the crew and an Iberia flight that was just behind and that was also able to fly over it. The pilot explained that there was a will to silence him and close the case. He also says that his laptop was stolen

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