Controversial NASA image: UFO fleet in formation entered Earth?

A strange formation of UFOs was observed in the NASA image (ID: STS100- 708A-48) of the Endeavor mission,from the space shuttle to the ISS

After the discovery of this fleet of UFOs, which appear to be traveling in a perfectly straight line formation, UFO hunters accused NASA of removing the image from their website.

The alleged action resulted in a massive uproar in the UFO community. Many UFO enthusiasts were angered by what was happening, saying that NASA tried to cover up the discovery of a fleet of UFOs orbiting the Earth.

When the image later reappeared on NASA’s website, but in a different location, some UFO hunters declared victory, saying NASA did not hold up to pressure from members of the UFO community.

Interest in the old photo spiked again recently after various online UFO forums deliberated on the importance of the images to the UFO disclosure movement.

The Black Vault takes a second close look at the famous image and new observations about it have raised new questions on the UFO  forums.

According to The Black Vault, UFO watchers were right about the formation in the STS-100 image, and they were right to ask NASA to offer an explanation for the observed anomaly.

It also draws viewers’ attention to other anomalies in the image that were not observed when it was first encountered. These objects are from other worlds, without a doubt

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