Harry Potter ‘dementors’ appear in the US sky (Video)

A man recently recorded a video of two mysterious tenaculum objects in the sky, fueling speculation that they could be Dementors, UFOs, and even extraterrestrial creatures.

According to the little information we have, the incident occurred in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, on August 29, 2021.

It was witnessed by a person named Josh Stoner, who, intrigued by the presence of two mysterious objects in the sky, decided to record them with his smartphone.

Recorded by Josh Stoner, the video shows the man freaking out over a “couple of inexplicable things” flying through the sky.

“When I was coming out of the gym, I saw something quite strange in the sky,” Stoner said as reported by WooGlobe.

“Some people said it was a Starling formation, but I’m sure it wasn’t. Kites were the next popular choice. Anyway, HELP! “

As can be seen in the images, two strange dark-colored objects fly through the partly cloudy sky. During the only 31 seconds that the video lasts, they seem to be circling, without apparent direction.

Whether they are objects or creatures, they appear to have a kind of thin tentacles that move as they move in the sky.

Unfortunately we do not know what happened to such entities, since the video is suddenly cut off.

“It’s those things that are in heaven right now,” Stoner can be heard saying in the video. “What the hell are the things that are in heaven. Explanation.”

And how could it be otherwise, Stoner’s request has not been long in coming. There were many Internet users who have wanted to offer their theories and explanations for such anomalies in the sky.

Some assured that without a doubt the images show extraterrestrial creatures visiting our planet, which due to the meteorological conditions of the moment could be seen without any problems.

Others argued that they bear some similarity to the dementors from Harry Potter.

In addition, this would not be the only incident that occurred with waists similar to dementors.

In 2018, a strange figure appeared from the clouds over a shopping center in the city of Kitwe, Zambia, causing dozens of customers to flee in panic.

Although many Internet users have been fascinated by the sighting that occurred in Colorado Springs, the most skeptical said that it is simple kites or in any case, a hoax made with a video edition. What do you think?

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