This hacker saw “all the UFO secrets of NASA and the elites”

One of the most controversial events related to NASA featured a hacker. The hacker accessed the networks of the space agency, observing secrets UFOs and about the world elite.

Gary McKinnon was brought to trial and jailed for 70 years.

Many people have thought to what extent a hacker can go. How far can you “hack” a network? Possibly, social networks or emails can be something simple for an expert.

However, when it comes to national organizations, which are related to the security of a power, such as NASA, things get complicated.

Get to inquire about its most guarded secrets, such as those related to UFOs for example or to learn about the hidden life of the most exalted of the world elite .

The Hacker Who Discovered NASA Secrets

Regarding this controversial topic, the famous writer and researcher David Parcerisa in one of his video programs. He released the shocking revelations of a hacker who was able to circumvent NASA security .

It is the British Gary McKinnon, who managed to collect a large number of images over a year.

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Among these are secret UFO reports  related to alien life, colliding ships, reverse technology, and other surprising discoveries from the world’s elite .

All this he achieved by infiltrating the secret networks of NASA and other organisms of the world’s lofty elite.

Unfortunately McKinnon was discovered and sentenced to 70 years in prison for this incredible daring.

Yet McKinnon’s shrewd audacity was not in vain. A good part of his research and ideas are linked to the project “The Disclosure Project”.

This project consists of a comprehensive non-profit organization whose main purpose is to reveal to the world all the events about extraterrestrial intelligence , flying saucers , advanced energy and propulsion systems that are hidden.

McKinnon’s audacity motivated the creation of The Disclosure Project.

The Disclosure Project

The project was presented to the world by its founder, the renowned Dr. Steven Greer . Presenting it at the prestigious National Press Club of Washington in May 2001.

The content of this impressive project consists of more than 400 testimonies from the military, intelligence agents and government officials.

There they narrate their direct or first-source experiences about events related to aliens and all their technology .

In addition, they explain in detail all the conspiracy that exists behind all this, and how they try to keep all this information hidden from the public.

In practice, the main objectives of the project is to prohibit the use of space weapons , the study, exploration and development of space.

The introduction of Zero Point Energy , which is a type of free energy, which they consider would be of great help to eliminate poverty and world hunger. Among other magnificent ideas, which would be of great use to humanity.

Many skeptics claim that McKinnon did not actually see anything related to UFOs or aliens.

However, the question is, why was he sentenced to so many years if he did not see any secrets? Where did you get the ideas for The Disclosure Project?

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