Giant Footprint Discovered in Pingyan: Huge Beings Stepped on Earth?

A group of photographers visiting Pingyan village in Guizhou, in China’s western province, came across a series of gigantic footprints. The most surprising thing is that these had human form.

A mysterious news spread across the net: a mysterious giant footprint found in China. Similarly, articles of different footprints of giants began to appear , giving credibility to the story.

Controversial giant footprint in China

The footprint measured 57 centimeters long, 20 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters deep . It was found fossilized in a rock and, according to estimates, dates back to the prehistoric era . This goes against logic, since the average size of a man’s feet is 18 centimeters and a woman’s 16.5.

The original article on the footprint briefly explains the find and names its sources as “agencies.” But, according to, a search of local Guizhou newspapers was done and none wrote about the footprint.

For this reason, no authoritative source published any work on the subject, neither in the media nor in the scientific community. Even so, different alternative research portals took over the original news, relating it to other findings made in the past.

It was confirmed that archaeologist Michael Tellinger was photographed next to these giant footprints, which were 200 million years old.

Tellinger found another giant footprint in Africa in 2012, convinced that it was one of the best pieces of evidence showing that giants, at some point in history, roamed the Earth.

The problem is that, despite the fact that he claims to be an archaeologist, many have doubted Tellinger’s veracity. In fact, a third footprint was discovered in Bolivia , but CNN reported that this was from a large dinosaur and not a giant.

Giant footprint in Pingyan Mystery or fiction?

Other giant footprints?

Before that, Jerry MacDonald found another giant footprint in New Mexico, in 1987 . It measured 100 centimeters in length and was said to be 290 million years old.

This was recorded as the largest footprint made by a carnivorous dinosaur. But this impression has been problematic for paleontologists, as there is no way to explain its location .

This, again, left room for different theories, taking advantage of this information to show that giants did exist .

The Pingyan footprint is believed to have fossilized into solid granite. A material that does not lend itself to capturing any type of impression.

Also, the rock is most likely over 3.1 billion years old , and not 200 as estimated.

Although the discovery of this and other traces have generated more questions than answers, the investigations have not clarified the issue either. Are giant footprints really possible? Below, more giant footprints around the world..’

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