Einstein’s student spoke about Secret Projects, UFOs and “insectoids” (VIDEO)

More than one researcher reports that the US government has in its possession the remains of UFOs crashed on its ground and that since then different studies on the recovered technology have obtained information about it and its occupants. Issue on which various personalities have made certain statements in this regard, but … What do they tell?

Einstein’s Pupil

A renowned scientist who had the honor of having had the brilliant Albert Einstein as his professor dared to comment on the matter. This is Dr. Robert Irving Sarbacher , with an outstanding professional career that led him, among other things, to work as a scientific consultant for various government agencies.

It seems that this scientist, who at that time worked for the Department of Defense , would have had a meeting with a Canadian engineer named Wilbert Smith to whom he would have confirmed the existence of secret projects for the study of non-terrestrial ships recovered by his government, information that Smith would send in a memorandum to his nation.

He would make these important statements again later, 30 years later when in the 80s he would kindly answer the questions of various researchers and ufologists on this matter, including Bill Steinman, to whom he sent a letter resolving some of his doubts.

What did he say?

In said document he commented that he had not been directly involved in the aforementioned projects but that he was able to see reports on them and that he was aware of what was being said about the matter in those circles.

He mentioned that scientists like John von Neuman and Vannevar Bush did work on them and that he wasn’t entirely sure, but he thought Robert Oppenheimer did too.

On the other hand, he said that some materials that had been recovered from crashed UFOs were ” extremely light and very resistant” and that of course, everything was carefully analyzed and studied.

Regarding the aforementioned ships, he also affirmed that those who had operated them would have been very light beings whose bodies ” were built like certain insects that we have observed on Earth, ” something that would have allowed them to withstand the incredible acceleration forces that the vehicles were capable of reaching. .

And finally he spoke of the top secret under which the recovery and study projects were found.


One might think that if these surprising statements were true, a government that had these elements in its power would try to put the best minds to study them and indeed, those Sarbacher mentioned in his writing are important scientists.

The statements made by the scientist are astonishing: that by the 1950s the United States already had in its possession recovered technology that was being studied, but perhaps most surprising of all, he thought that the beings in charge of the ships would have bodies similar to those of insects. Something that could refer to that typology of beings that is sometimes described by witnesses of close encounters and victims of abduction: those nicknamed “mantids” or ” insectoids “, which tend to stand out for their resemblance to praying mantises or grasshoppers.

Could it be real?

There are those who advocate the veracity of these statements and those who argue against it, claiming that it would be a misinformation maneuver and on the other hand, the Canadian engineer who supposedly met with Sarbacher, even claimed to be a contact

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