Declassified: A 450 km UFO flew over Chile in 1992 (Video)

1992 was a crucial year for Chilean ufology when a 450-kilometer UFO appeared in the southern country. Now this incident has become official after years of investigation.

According to statements, the UFO looked like a floating city.

A file declassified by the Chilean aviation authorities revealed satellite images of a UFO of 450 kilometers in diameter that flew over Chile in the year 92.

The US satellite GOES 8 was the one that captured a colossal elliptical object in the vicinity of the Chilean coast. However, the most surprising thing is that this event was repeated 2 more times: in 1996 and in 2006.

Those were the years of the ” Varginha ” case , where a wave of UFOs was seen in Brazil.

The 450-kilometer UFO

According to theorists, a huge object was on the Earth , orbiting it at high speed.

The possible Mothership has been studied in detail by the Chilean Armed Forces together with different researchers, getting more questions than answers . However, it is clear that the object was orbiting the Earth.

The news was released throughout the southern country and part of Latin America, being shown in the news and print media.

There the information that the Chilean Aviation authorities brought to light was revealed ; the image captured by the Regional Meteorological Center of Antofagasta.

Gustavo Rodríguez, the spokesman for the Chilean Civil Aeronautics team, explained that several photographs were taken to rule out any printing failure of the equipment.

Since the image is so sharp and outlined, specialists agree that the object was moving at the same speed as a satellite ; at 3.1 kilometers per second.

Mario Dussuel, a civilian investigator, told the media that it was a body that they did not know what it was because it presented variations in temperature. A proof that there was or is something in the space that needs to be investigated.

Satellite images of the object.

The calculations showed that it was a UFO of 450 kilometers in diameter . Luis Riquelme, researcher and colleague of Dussuel, added that there was no human intervention. They are impossible machines for human development.

The UFO would be a kind of flying city, according to the evidence in the first photograph. It generated electromagnetic interference that manifested itself in streaks revealed by the computational magnification of the GOES 8 satellite image.

Other witnesses to the event

The Ecuadorian flight engineer, Carlos Naranjo Burbano, made some statements a couple of years ago in which he mentioned the mysterious event while conducting aerospace operations .

He stated that while returning from a flight from Santiago de Chile, they were “accompanied” for a period of 15 minutes by an object that he did not know how to classify .

Furthermore, some 50 miles away, they were able to see the 450-kilometer-diameter UFO which they described as a ” satellite city .”

«It could be seen inside the sea, in the depths of the sea. The shapes of buildings and artificial surfaces such as a normal city could be distinguished within this ship. It was early morning and we could see from the plane the lights at the bottom of the sea of ​​what was like a city when you flew over it, only we were flying over the ocean. “

In 2015, a similar event occurred again in Chile and many people uploaded several videos and images to social networks. Is it possible that a much more advanced city has been orbiting the Earth for decades?

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