Evidence of an alien attack: The Colares case (Brazil, 1977)

All ufologists or scholars who are fond of the UFO subject would want to come across a case like this at some point in their lives. In fact, the Colares case is the only very well documented and testified UFO case about an alleged extraterrestrial attack on human beings.

Although it is true, we are already used to reading about the dozens of cases of mutilation of animals and even about the possible abductions of human beings in various parts around the world; but we have not yet received many reports of extraterrestrial aggression towards us, or at least it has not been published or it has been avoided to publish this in the media. But in 1977 on the island of Colares (Brazil), located at the mouth of the Amazon River, better known as “the Amazon delta”, its inhabitants began to report a large number of sightings of lights of various forms. Little by little these unknown lights came more and more in contact with the residents of the area, getting to know reports of lights that “visited” them at dawn, crossing their ceilings and illuminating parts of their bodies.

Contacts begin to become more frequent and aggressive

Two months had already passed, plagued by hundreds of witnesses who claimed to have been pursued and attacked by lights in the sky which seemed to want to kidnap them. Many of the victims reported that when these lights came into contact with their bare skin, they could feel their bodies become paralyzed. They began to feel burns in the illuminated areas and had the sensation as if they were sucking their blood.

Some time after these incidents, the cases began to become more tragic, so the Director of Health of the aforementioned island, Dr. Wellaide began to treat the victims, being able to realize that the wounds were serious burns with small holes. similar to those that remain in the body as a result of an injection. These burns also began to turn black indicating death of the skin, but the strangest thing is that this almost always happened 10 minutes after exposure to lights, while normal burns take around 96 hours to present this behavior. . The sensation of “suck suck” or blood sucking manifested by several victims was confirmed by medical studies that determined anemia in these people, evidently caused by blood loss.

Two of the cases treated by Dr. Wellaide ended in death, and that according to forensics reported was of unknown origin. Until then, Dr. was skeptical of this type of phenomenon and adduced the causes of deaths due to cardiac arrest as a consequence of the mass hysteria that she thought was being experienced on the Island. But Dr. he would have to experience a terrifying case firsthand.

Being around 5 in the afternoon, days after the deaths of the two people, the Dr. witnessed that a woman was passed out on the road, which had been a victim of those lights; After helping her, everyone, including Dr., witnessed a strange metallic and luminous object, in the shape of a truncated cone, which wandered over the town, revealing inside two humanoid beings 1.2 or 1.3 meters high. approximate.

Due to the seriousness of these cases, Dr. Wellaide contacted the mayor of the city to request the air force to inspect the area and rid the town of these attacks. However, only 90 days later a contingent of soldiers arrived in Colares, but it had already been almost abandoned due to the terror aroused in the residents at the fateful events. As is typical, the military pressured Dr. Wellaide to declare that the Colares case was the product of mass hysteria, to which she flatly refused.

This is how the investigation by the Air Force in the area began, and as a curious note the investigation was called “Operation Saucer”.

Operation Saucer

During the long investigation carried out by Air Force personnel led by Commander Uyrange Hollanda Lima, it was possible to capture and gather highly important material, such as photos of luminous objects in the sky, sketches of the sightings that clearly showed objects in the shape of saucers. and their characteristics, as well as their location. But said material was declared confidential and archived by the Government of Brazil. Initially, Commander Uyrange Hollanda Lima was highly skeptical of the issue and tried to demystify the whole Colares affair; However, the commander witnessed several events and even a third type of contact, which had an instantaneous antisceptic effect on him.


Operation Saucer ended up being archived and classified as inconsistent due to the high number of possible reasons why this phenomenon could have occurred.

A few years later, the retired commander Hollanda Lima contacted the Brazilian ufologist Ademar Gevaerd, editor of UFO Magazine Brazil, and they met. This interview had the objective of Hollanda to deliver the truth of the events that occurred in Colares, “before he died,” as he stated. So this is how Hollanda delivers her version of events, clearly recounting the sightings of lights that she had witnessed and a small encounter with one of those supposed alien beings.

Some time later, Commander Hollanda was found dead, supposedly he had committed suicide, but what many believe and I also include myself there is that external agents made a murder look like suicide.

The dirty war was present … as always in these cases

Although there were valuable testimonies, in photos, videos and even medical examinations verified by the Dr. in charge; this incident instead of becoming a crucial fact that demonstrates the aggressive incursion of extraterrestrial beings, became a ridiculed and even absurd topic. A large part of the interests in having this issue de-cataloged came from the Brazilian Air Force and from the Government itself. The various psychosocial campaigns that surrounded the event, ranging from mass hysterics, urban legends and psychological problems of Commander Hollanda, achieved the main objective of those cover-ups of the truth, thus turning an evidently fact into an enigmatic fact to this day.

It would be highly favorable for the UFO investigation if the Government of Brazil declassifies all the documentation obtained in Operation Saucer and not only that small part of the documentation that they gave to the ufologist Ademar Gevaerd, which were practically documents that did not affect the “interests” of keep that truth hidden.

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