Bermuda Triangle: pyramids 2,000 meters deep?

The latest studies by an oceanographer in the Bermuda Triangle have revealed the existence of “pyramids and advanced technology” in that area.

During the 20th century, hundreds of ships and airplanes disappeared.

The Bermuda Triangle has been a subject of debate, theories, conspiracies, and much more. But humanity has been waiting for  a  clear answer about that region of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the latest research could reveal a rather disturbing truth:  unusual technology  that is probably  not from this planet .

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is so called, because it is made up of  3 key points : Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, with a radius of  1600 square kilometers .

According to the  United States Navy  and the United States Council, the Triangle  does not exist  and they do not recognize its name as “a geographic name.”

However, the story does not need to be acknowledged, it is present, whether they want to hide it or not. This has sparked many theories in an attempt to explain the  strange disappearances of planes, ships, and people.

Scientists have found that there is a disturbance of  the magnetic field  in the area, in addition methane gas emanates   from the bottom of the sea. This causes electronic equipment in vehicles to fail.

The climate  has also caused many flights or navigations to end at the bottom of the waters; from storms, hurricanes, giant waves, earthquakes and others.

These are the “conventional” explanations that the experts have wanted to give us about the Bermuda Triangle. Yet what about all the well-founded, discovery-  based  theories  ?

During the past century, this anomaly “swallowed” a large number of ships and airplanes. In the vast majority of incidents,  no trace  of the missing vehicles or persons was found.

During the new millennium, disappearances have decreased. This is because pilots  prefer to avoid  going through the Bermuda Triangles.

However, the anomaly remains very much alive in the minds of people looking for an explanation that meets their expectations.

Meyer sonar equipment found crystal pyramidal anomalies.

Pyramids and advanced technology

Dr. Meyer, a German oceanographer, and his team have been studying the Bermuda Triangle for several years. During the last stage of their investigation they used  sonar equipment .

This helped them identify two  giant pyramids  made of  strange thick glass  at 2,000 meters deep. This strange technology could not be explained by experts.

Meyer assures that the discovery of these pyramidal glass structures, which are hidden throughout the  center of the triangle , could be the key to the disappearances of ships, planes and people.

According to reports, there are a large number of mysteries around the pyramids, which no organism has been able to decipher.

Some theorists have said that American oceanographers had already discovered these pyramids  about 20 years ago . Upon studying them, they found that the surface was completely flat, suggesting that they were made of some kind of glass.

However, all this information  went unnoticed  since no media gave it importance. Perhaps in a disinformation campaign.

So far it has not been possible to decipher the crystal from which the pyramids are made. But these are believed to be  up to 3 times  the size of the  Great Pyramid of Giza .

Obviously, since there is no “tangible” evidence for these mysterious glass pyramids in the Bermuda Triangle, many skeptics claim that it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. However, the disappearances, strange lights or strange events that happen in it remain unexplained.

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