Is “Alien Structure” Discovered Inside a Crater on the Moon?

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter probe captured a few somewhat peculiar images; In them you can see an alien structure in a crater, which has generated a great debate about what is or is not on the Moon.

For a few years now, many  independent UFO hunters , theorists and researchers have set their sights on the Moon. Especially after the existence of a  strange alien structure  on its surface was reported.

Now, a series of buildings of artificial origin have been discovered   that could be an extraterrestrial base. Are there  advanced beings  on our natural satellite?

Mysterious “alien structure” is captured on the Moon

Researchers and theorists have been alert to a series of images of the Moon that  NASA  has published so that we can all observe it. However, he seems not to have realized that in the photos you can see a kind of  artificial construction.

Some ufologists assure that what is observed is not simple rock and that, in fact, it may be an alien structure built by a civilization similar to the human one.

This is how controversial researcher Scott C. Waring has commented   on his website:

‘I found this structure in the center of a crater on the moon. The structure closely resembles a ship from the Transformers movie. The nave is triangular in shape, but with many strange bumps. The object is very bright, brighter than anything else in its surrounding area, which tells me it is metallic.

The researcher assured that he was observing it for more than 15 minutes, comparing it with other areas of the  lunar surface  to determine what it is, how old it could be and why it is located , specifically, in the  center of the crater .

Waring explains that it looks like something that  was deliberately landed or built  in that area to hide from telescopes.

A ship that could be exploited?

The expert assures that it does not seem to  be too old either . The researcher estimates that it could be around  250,000 years old , since there is no thick layer of dust that prevents its glow from continuing to be visible.

Several theorists have suggested the possibility that the spacecraft  could still be salvageable , and perhaps could even be used to transport human capital to other planets in the  Milky Way .

In this way, if we are forced to leave Earth, there would be a better chance that the human species will  survive much longer .

For its part, NASA  has totally denied  that it is an alien structure and that, eventually, people see only what they want to see. However, these assessments do not  correspond to reality.

This type of statement from NASA is not surprising, since it would not be the first time that it has focused on denying something that is evident, detracting from the researchers. Nor is it the first time that “something else” has been suspected on the Moon, and there are statements from recognized astronauts to confirm this.

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