Archaeologists find a 6,000-year-old “alien mask” in Bulgaria

A strange prehistoric figure with “alien-like” features has been discovered during archaeological excavations at the Solnitsata settlement, northeast Bulgaria.

According to the website “Archeology in Bulgaria”, the mask was found by an archaeological team led by Professor Vasily Nikolov, who compared this object to “an alien in a space suit.”

In fact, visually, this strange prehistoric mask looks like an “alien” depicted in science fiction movies.

The settlement of Solnitsata, also called “The Salt Pit”, is known as the oldest city in Europe.

According to archaeologists, the figure dates from the late Neolithic period, that is, it was created around 4000 BC. C.

Experts have already called it one of the most impressive finds made during the latest excavations at the settlement.

However, this mask would hardly have received so much attention if it weren’t for its intriguing appearance.

As can be seen in the images, the figure has an almost regular triangular shape.

Its front part protrudes forward in relief, and the back is, as it were, pressed inward.

Both corners of the top of this prehistoric mask have short projections. According to experts, these can be “stylized ears”.

Small holes were also found in the “ears”.

One hypothesis is that a thread was threaded through them to be able to put the mask on the face.

However, it is also assumed that it was not a mask, but rather a figure or amulet worn on the chest and associated with sun worship.

Archaeologists note that the facial features depicted on the artifact were clearly carved and some areas were polished.

“The face has eyebrows, a streamlined nose, and elliptical eyes,” the archaeologists described.

“The artifact is most likely a status symbol hanging from the chest of a person worthy of it.”

The old master clearly focused on the eyes, giving them an unusual shape and large size. And the vertical polished stripes underneath.

Again we are facing one of those discoveries that could reveal the truth about our existence in the universe, but unfortunately we find ourselves again with the classic explanations ..

As that simply, these are representations of the belief of those ancient peoples in magic or spirituality.

It seems that each of us will have to draw our own conclusions. Could this be new evidence for ancient astronauts?

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